7 Most Memorable Performances on "Immortal Songs 2" of 2014

The most prominent Korean music entertainment program, “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend” is evolving day by day. It’s always pleasing and surprising me with such incredible performances, and it’s surely getting better and better on its each episodes. Some performances are so great until the point that it makes me want to hear and know more about the original song. While some performances are even better than the original ones, which could make people forget the original song and hear the performance version over and over again. As a true fans of this program, I couldn’t help but feeling proud and grateful that I’ve been following the show all around.

The waiting room of "Immortal Songs 2"

Among those performances, I pick seven that are most memorable for me personally. Memorable in this term means that those performances are so wonderful until the point that it makes me love the performance version much better than the original version of the song. I even put them in my playlist and keep playing and replaying the song all over again. Therefore, as the seventh post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I make a list of The Most Memorable Performances on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014. Have a great reading!

7. Davichi – Do You Know (아시나요)

Open up the list on number seven, I have the beautiful performance by female vocal duo, Davichi. The duet of Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung performed one of the biggest hits by Korean prince of ballad, Jo Sung Mo, titled “Do You Know (아시나요)”. It was on the part one of “Million-Seller Special” episodes when they showed the ballad orchestra rendition of “Do You Know (아시나요)” and awed everyone with their explosive vocals. As expected from Davichi, they always charm us with the heavenly harmony. Through this everlasting ballad track, their vocals stand out more, making it one of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking performances on “Immortal Songs 2” of the year. You can visit here(link) to find out more about the original song and the performance.

6. Kim Jin Ho – Family Portrait (가족 사진)

Up on number six, I have the heartwrenching performance by the youngest member of male vocal group SG Wannabe, Kim Jin Ho. It was on the “Family Special” episode when he performed his own song titled “Family Portrait (가족 사진)”. The episode was dedicated to the departed of the sinking Sewol ferry ship tragedy back in the middle of this year. Kim wrote and composed this song to commemorate his late father, therefore his sincerity could be felt throughout the ballad song. Kim’s heart-warming voice and melancholic melody touched everyone. And it was amazing,how a song could touch people’s heart like this. You can find more information about this song in here(link).

5. The One – Where the Love Falls (사랑이 지는 이자리)

The male soloist with an explosive voice, Jung Sun Won a.k.a The One, is on number five of the list. He performed a song titled “Where the Love Falls (사랑이 지는 이자리)” on the second part of Lee Sun Hee special episodes. The One’s interpretation of this song was just amazing. It’s like the roar of a man who was hurt by love, a man filled with wounds and longing. He showed the epitome of sorrowfulness when a man loves. Indeed he has a charisma that could command the stage, with his strong voice as his main instrument. The One’s strong ballad rendition of “Where the Love Falls (사랑이 지는 이자리)” made him the winner of the two-parts Lee Sun Hee special episodes. You can read further review about the original song and the performance in here(link).

4. Ailee – You Reflected in a Smile (미소속에 비친 그대)

Next, on number four here I have the amazing female singer, Ailee. She performed one of Shin Seung Hun’s biggest hits titled “You Reflected in a Smile (미소속에 비친 그대)” on the first part of “The Rival Special” episodes. It was the very first “Immortal Songs 2” episode that was broadcasted in 2014 by KBS television station, as it was the special episode to celebrate the new year back then. In her performance, Ailee put her heart into the song. After her performance, everyone in the waiting room was speechless. They’re out of words.Singing with sincerity is indeed very powerful and everyone could feel the sorrow. Ailee dedicated the song to the fans who give her strength, for those who make her smile even during the hardest time she’s been through. You can go to here(link) to read more about this song.

3. JK Kim Dong Wook – Tragic Love (비련)

The soulful male singer, JK Kim Dong Wook, opens up the big three of the list on number three. He performed one of Cho Yong Pil’s biggest hits titled “Tragic Love (비련)” on the “3rd Anniversary Special” episode, which was aired to celebrate the third anniversary of the music entertainment program. Though JK found it tough to reinterpret Cho’s song, he’s not the icon of soul for no reason. Indeed, he gave a marvelous rendition of “Tragic Love” with his deep voice. It showed his colours without losing the original soul of the song. No need to say more, the performance was resonating the song; it’s tragically beautiful. Visit here(link) to find out more about the original song and the performance.

2. Lena Park – Turning the Pages of Memories (추억의 책장을 넘기면)

On the runner-up position here I have the queen of R n’ B, Park Jung Hyun a.k.a Lena Park. She performed one of Lee Sun Hee’s biggest hits titled “Turning the Pages of Memories (추억의 책장을 넘기면)” on the first part of Lee Sun Hee special episodes. It was her debut performance on “Immortal Songs 2” and mesmerized people with her delicate emotions. Her sensitivity is on different level! With her brilliant sensibility and charming yet explosive voice, she successfully captured everyone’s heart with her breathtaking performance. She left everyone speechless and scored very high in her very first appearance in “Immortal Songs 2”. Indeed, people don’t call her ‘fairy’ without reason, and even the legend herself acknowledged it. She nailed the song! If you want to know more about this song, just go to here(link).

1. Son Seung Yeon – A Long Time After That ( 후로 오랫동안)

And here we go, The Most Memorable Performance on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014 goes to the ‘monster rookie’ singer, Son Seung Yeon, with her performance singing “A Long Time After That ( 후로 오랫동안)”. It was one of Shin Seung Hun’s biggest hits that she performed on the second part of “Million-Seller Special” episodes. The Voice of Korea season 1’s winner bravely took over the hits song of her former coach and mentor of the survival program, Shin Seung Hun, yet she successfully did her best with that. With her rendition of “For a Long Time After That ( 후로 오랫동안)”, Son touched us deeply. Indeed, the monster vocalist showed us what ballad music is, as the performance left a deep lingering emotions. And don’t forget, you can also visit here(link) to find out more about the original song and the most memorable performance.


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