7 Most Memorable "2 Days and 1 Night" Episodes of 2014

After starting off with its third season back on December 2013, KBS’ Sunday variety program, “2 Days and 1 Night” (2D1N) has successfully overcome the ratings downfall from its second season. The Season 3 kicked off with the-not-so-brand-new cast members; Kim Jong Min (who joined the show since the first season) and Cha Tae Hyun (who joined the show since Season 2) who were the original members from the previous seasons, they were joined by the new cast members; Kim Jun Ho, Defconn, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Jung Joon Young. Beside the cast members, 2D1N also restructured its production team, led by Yoo Ho Jin (he was the junior director during Season 1) as the new Production Director (PD). This team brought some fresh air to the program and gave out a brand new 2D1N, took it back to its root (Season 1) and left behind its dark past (Season 2), making their own glory days now.

2D1N members along with Yoo PD in the 1st anniversary press conference - source: kbs.co.kr

Recently, the cast members and Yoo PD gathered in a press conference for the first anniversary of Season 3. It’s already a year and now 2D1N has been topping the rating for Sunday evening timeslot for three months in a row, leaving behind its two competitors; SBS’ “Running Man” and MBC’s “Real Men”. The ratings aside, 2D1N in 2014 has never failed to entertain people with its funny yet humanity approach; hilarious and touching, as well as making me laughing and crying at the same time. It’s never disappointing! Therefore, as the 9th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I pick seven episodes for The Most Memorable “2 Days and 1 Night” Episodes of 2014. Truth to be told, it’s so hard to pick only seven, because every episode has its own specialty and almost all of the episodes are memorable for me. Since I can only pick seven, I do my best to present it for you. Please enjoy it with me.

7. Seollal in Seoul
This list starts up with the Seollal in Seoul special on number seven. This special was divided into two episodes, shot during the Seollal (Lunar New Year) holiday, and broadcasted on February (KBS) and March (KBS World). On this special, the members spent the holiday in Seoul and had a trip to some historical places in the capital city of South Korea, which was so empty and quiet during the holiday season. What’s so great about this special that it makes it into the list? The six members were divided into three teams of two people. They went to different places and were given a mission to take several photos with certain themes (passion, joy, loneliness), without knowing that those places had a meaningful connection for them individually.

Seollal in Seoul official photo - source: kbs.co.kr

Near the end of the day, the production crew showed that connection. Believe it or not, I was literally shedding tears when I watched that moment. And that was the first time I cried because of a variety show! It’s so brilliant! It was like a time-travel into the past of Seoul through photos. You wouldn’t understand unless you watch it yourself. No place is special from the beginning, it’s the memories made there that make it special. Beside that, the whole episodes were cracking me up because of the members’ hilarious attitudes, especially in the second part when they barged into Yoo In Na’s live radio show. As the bonus, in the first part of Seollal in Seoul special episodes, you can see Jung Joon Young’s playing guitar and singing Radiohead’s “Creep”!

6. Quit Smoking Project
Moving up to number six, here I have the Quit Smoking Project episodes. This special was divided into two and a half episodes which were broadcasted on by both KBS and KBS World on March and April. From the previous episode, they learned that most of the members are heavy smokers and they were in really bad shape. So in this special, the production team put together a project to get them to quit smoking for 2 days, in hopes that they would quit for good. But since Cha Tae Hyun isn’t a smoker, he invited his friend, Hong Kyung Min, to be his avatar. What’s so great about this special? The theme is so innovative! It was the first time I watched a variety show put up a very sensitive issue as its theme, in terms of opening up the fact that most members of 2D1N are heavy smokers.

Quit Smoking Project official photo - source: kbs.co.kr

For this special project, they had a trip to Jeungdo, a non-smoking island (not just an area, but an island that is free from cigarette!) in South Korea. From the way the members held their desire to smoke until the way the tried to cheat on the production crew in order to have a smoke; the way they were dealing with withdrawal symptoms, all was so hilarious! Moreover, the production crew gave them a free food before the trip begun, making them harder to avoid smoking after that as they became more desperate to smoke after meals. The highlight of this special came at night, in the second part of Quit Smoking Project special episodes, when Kim Jun Ho and Kim Jong Min battled it out in a wrestling game. Superb funny! Indeed, quit smoking isn’t an easy thing to do; it needs more than just a strong will and determination.

5. Backpacking Trip
Next on number five, here is the Backpacking Trip special, which was divided into two episodes. Those episodes were broadcasted on June (KBS) and July (KBS World). In this special, the members went hiking with only a backpack carriage for each person. For the backpacking trip, they hiked up to the valley of Ganwoljae (1,145m above sea level), one of seven valleys which are parts of the Alps of Yeongnam. What’s so great about this special? 2D1N gave us the wonderful mountain panorama of the Alps of Yeongnam in here, nature in its pure state! The members were carrying their own belongings and needs in a backpack luggage, hiking up the mountain, setting up their own tents, and even cooking their own food.

Backpacking Trip official photo - source: kbs.co.kr

It’s probably their biggest hurdles since the Season 3 started, and even Defconn got his leg hurt during the hiking. Even so, they succeed in climbing up the valley safely. And, their struggles was paid with the beautiful landscape view; it’s worth the pain! The biggest hurdles was worth the nicest place that had ever been in the show; a paradise atop a mountain. This special inspired the viewers to go hiking, since it also gave some backpacking tips to do while doing so. Besides, it’s not 2D1N if it’s not entertaining. The members were doing their best. And even after a long struggle with discomfort, they were still as hilarious as ever.

4. Teachers All-Star
The Teachers All-Star special is on number four of the list. The special was divided into two episodes and broadcasted on July (KBS) and August (KBS World). All of six members went to six different schools and brought along one teacher each for a trip to Geojedo on this special episodes. They were partnered up with the teachers during the whole special. What’s so great about this special to make it the number four? From the way the members trying to find the teachers until the video messages that the teachers shouted to their students, the idea is just brilliant! It’s the first time I watched a variety show that invited non-celebrity guests yet it made me had so much fun watching it! All of the teachers were so impressive and they were as hilarious as the members. It was more special because the episodes were shot during the after-exam summer vacation time back then. A city landmark is one of 2D1N’s specialty, and in this special you can see the longest underwater tunnel in South Korea, as well as the deepest underground tunnel in the world, called Geoga Bridge. Plus, the view of Geojedo is excellent! There was also a surprise visit from SISTAR in the second part of Teachers All-Star special episodes. Anyway, it’s not 2D1N if it isn’t inspiring. It opens up new perspectives about teachers; whether it’s laughing or nagging, teachers are all the same, in terms of their love for their students.

3. Struggling Friend Note
Opening up the big three of the list, I have the Struggling Friend Note special. This special was probably the longest special of Season 3 up until now, lasted in three episodes which were broadcasted on September and October by KBS and KBS World. In this special, all six members had to bring along at least one friend them that seemed as a friend with the most exhausted and struggling and burdened by daily life. Together with their friends, they had a healing trip to Silmido. What’s so great about this special that it’s on number three? Guess who was the friend that Cha Tae Hyun brought along. It was Jo In Sung! Since Cha didn’t think that Jo wasn’t struggling enough, he brougt actor Kim Ki Bang along with them. Put that aside, Jo’s appearance in 2D1N itself was so fascinating! That was probably the first time he appeared in a variety show during his career all this time. Beside him, all other guests was just fabulous! From Roy Kim (singer/Jung Joon Young’s friend), Kim Jong Do (CEO of Namoo Actors Management/Kim Joo Hyuk’s friend), Mino (rapper/Defconn’s friend), Kim Jae Dong (comedian/Kim Jong Min’s friend), Cheon Myeong Hun (singer/Kim Jong Min’s friend), until Ryu Jung Nam (comedian/Kim Jun Ho’s friend); they were all hilarious! Moreover, they were invited to the show without a beforehand notification and without any script or preparation at all. I enjoyed so much watching this special from the very start until the very end, even the ratings were boosted up to more than 20% for this special. It was a breakthrough special of 2D1N! Plus, this special inspired us with the friendship theme; a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship is a love without wings; it doesn’t have wings so it can’t fly, it means that friendship is always there.

2. Countryside Diary
On the runner-up position is the Countryside Diary special. This special ran for two and a half episodes that were broadcasted on October (KBS) and November (KBS World). The members visited a village called Simdeok in Gimje, Jeollabukdo. It’s a place with the biggest breadbasket in South Korea. They got a task to accompany six mothers (more like grandmothers for me) in the village to do their daily works at the field, farm, and house. What’s so great about this special that it’s on number two? The grandmothers were sooo amazingly mesmerizing! From the way they were amazed with the helicam (darn I laughed so hard at this part!), the way they nagged the members to work (so hilarious!), until the way they treated the members as if they were their own sons (gosh this part was so touching!), everything was just so great. Big applause once again for the production team’s brilliant idea of this theme. For the dinner game of chance, the competition was even held with the whole villagers involved in it. Spectacular! The highlight was in the morning of the second day, in the third episodes of this special, when the members played hide and seek game for the breakfast game of chance. It was just so funny, especially our Mr. Sly, Kim Jun Ho! This special even had its way to touch our feelings. Just watch it, then you’ll understand. Mothers are all the same; their love to their children, so sweet and tender.

1. Game of Chance Field Trip

Now we reach the number one position, The Most Memorable “2 Days 1 Night” Episodes of 2014 goes to the Game of Chance Field Trip episodes. Following the Countryside Diary special, the Game of Chance Field Trip special was divided into two and a half episodes, which were aired on November and December by KBS and KBS World. It began with five members (all except Jung Joon Young) were brought to their old high school to pick up five students each to come along with them for this trip; a field trip with their juniors! Yup, it was a student special after a teacher special. Therefore they gathered in front of KBS studio and introduced their juniors; Kim Joo Hyuk with Young Dong High School, Kim Jun Ho with Chungnam High School, Cha Tae Hyun with Seocho High School, Kim Jong Min with Seoul Culture High School, and Defconn with Jeonju Technical High School. Lastly, the production team had casted a group of student that would suit Jung Joon Young, since he didn’t attend any high school in South Korea (he studied abroad, or maybe on another planet, haha!); they’re students from Yangsan High School, who also in a school band called Rain Shower, the winner of the Busan Youth Rock Festival. Well, so much like Jung Joon Young, right?! Anyway, the most exciting field trip to Yeongju, Gyeongsangbukdo, began. So far it’s 2D1N’s special with the largest number of guests; 30 students from across the nation. Everything about this special was so great. I watched and re-watched this special over and over again. The juniors were so adorable and attractive! The youthful energy, the exciting togetherness, a trip with friends where every single thing was so special, this special made us looking back into those memories and reminiscing those moments. This special is worth this top spot of the list!


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  1. Country Side Diary is also one of my favorite episode! love how they treat the guest eventho they're not celebrity. At first I don't like watching 1N2D S3 because i don't like new members esp. Defconn, but now i'm so happy the members have good chemistry to each other.

    1. Hi Andi,

      sorry for the late reply. It always feels awesome to be able to meet fellow fans of 2D1N. Yayyy!

      Best regards,

  2. Thx u finally i know the title in 1n2d when trip with They junior. I see in extra They are very good.

    1. Hi Bayu,

      sorry for the late reply. I love that episode too, hahaaa..

      Warmest regards,

  3. i have watched all them except for #1 and #2. They were so hilarious, specially the Struggling Friend, lol The first time i watched it was when Park Bo gum was a guest, it was so hilarious that i decided to watch the past episodes as well, i just finished the Unplanned Trip to Busan and i was laughing so much when Defconn hit Junho with a Caserole or something instead of the toy hammer xD. Im about to watch the Countryside diary once i get off work.

    im about to watch the Countryside special btw,

  4. I love all the episodes in your list! The sturggling friend episode is the first episode I have ever watched and I end up getting addicted to this show. another favorite is the national treasure race where Cha Tae Hyun's team end up in Busan in the middle of the night. It was hilarious and very informative at the same time. I also love the Best meal with a Drink episode when they had to go all over Korea to find the best makgeolli and then cook a dish that would compliment it. The guests were really funny and I got so curious with makgeolli I end up buying one. lol

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  6. I really like how you explain things. It's almost like you're bringing the warmth in each episodes into this writing. Thank you for this post! Looking forward to seeing your next 2D1N favorite episodes! I really love the show :)

  7. cho tôi hỏi lưu ý bạn bè là tập mấy ạ???

  8. Such a memorable days they were for you, thank you for sharing it with us.
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  9. YES the one with the high school students is surely the best one. I also like the episode about the north korea and also the one where they reminisce their past (i rmb joohyuk showing a picture of his parents) honestly there are too many great episodes from this season :') im just sad that we could not see all the same casts again :( not to say that jjy ruined everything but yup he did :((