7 Most Fantastic Winning Performances on "Immortal Songs 2" of 2014

I owe so much to this one television show; “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend”. Since I discovered this music entertainment program and became a regular viewer of it, I have been being introduced to many great legendary Korean songs. Moreover, I got to watch many fantastic performances of many talented Korean singers and musicians, not only idols but also solo vocalists, bands, even indie musicians. During this whole year too, “Immortal Songs 2” keeps surprising me with its incredible performances through its each episodes. More than that, during this whole year, the record for the highest score in this show were broken three times! Indeed, those great performances re-wrote the history of “Immortal Songs 2”.

Boohwal's winning performance on "Immortal Songs 2" - source: daum.net

Among those great performances, there are several performances that are very fantastic, until the point they become the winning performance of that episode they’re on. Therefore, as the fifth post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I will make a list of The Most Fantastic Winning Performances on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014. In this list, you can see my choice of seven winning performances on “Immortal Songs 2” that most captivating for me personally, and also for the audiences, because I choose not only based on my personal preferences but also based on the performance’s result on the show. So, let’s check it out!

7. Boohwal – The White Handkerchief (하얀 손수건)

Starting the list on number seven is the legendary Korean rock band who comes to “Immortal Songs 2” in order to introduce their new vocalist, Kim Dong Myung (he replaced Jung Dong Ha as the 10th vocalist of Boohwal since the early 2014). It was on the second part of the “Legendary Folk Duos Special” episodes when Boohwal performed one of Twin Folio’s biggest hits titled “The White Handkerchief (하얀 손수건)”. For that performance, Boohwal’s leader and guitarist, Kim Tae Won, brought over a choir called the Youth Choir. And it turned out very fantastic! The rock ballad orchestra rendition of “The White Handkerchief (하얀 손수건)” was so amazing and the harmony was so sensational! They won the trophy of the two-parts special episode with 431 points in the end. Yup, Boohwal has revived once again!

6. Homme – When I Stand in the Shade of a Tree (가로수 그늘 아래 서면)

The male vocal duo consists of 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun, Homme, are on number six with their performance on the second part of “Million-Seller Special” episodes. They were picked as the last performer for the two-parts special episodes, and they performed one of Lee Moon Sae’s biggest hits, titled “When I Stand in the Shade of a Tree (가로수 그늘 아래 서면)”, that became a million-seller when it was released on 1988. Homme’s ballad orchestra rendition of the song charmed everyone. They show their best vocals harmony, and in the end, they scored 437 points, which made them the final winner and brought home the trophy. It was a calm yet soulful performance, indeed from Homme, it was hypnotizing.

5. JK Kim Dong Wook & MC Sniper – Lying on the Sea (바다에 누워)

Up on number five, I have the male singer with mesmerizing voice, JK Kim Dong Wook, with his performance on the “Summer Special Part 1 with Guest” episode. He made a collaboration with rapper MC Sniper for that special performance. They performed a famous summer hit by The Treble Clef, titled “Lying on the Sea (바다에 누워)”, with a rock hip-hop arrangement. They came out as the last performer on that episode, and guess what, they burned up the stage with passionate summer spirits, like a rock festival. It was rock n’ roll, baby! They made all people excited and scored 441 points in the end, making them the final winner of that very episode. JK Kim Dong Wook is never disappointing for me personally, and the fantastic thing was the fact that MC Sniper could keep up with JK’s soul and rhythm. They had a lot of fun together on the stage, as well as the audience. It was an amazing ending performance and they really worth the trophy; such a hot summer collaboration!

4. Gummy – You are Just a Memory Now (추억으로 가는 당신)

The multi-talented female singer, Park Ji Yeon a.k.a Gummy, is on this number four spot with her debut performance on “Immortal Songs 2” during the Joo Hyun Mi special episode. For her first visit to this program, she performed one of Joo Hyun Mi’s hits, titled “You are Just a Memory Now (추억으로 가는 당신)”. Truth to be told, she performed under several pressures, because besides it was the first time she stood on the stage of “Immortal Songs 2”, at that time she also had to perform right after Kim Jong Seo, who broke the record for the highest score with 442 points. However, those didn’t affect her perfection at all! She successfully captivated the audience’s hearts with her sensibility, depth of emotions, and explosive voice through her ballad rendition of “You are Just a Memory Now (추억으로 가는 당신)”. It was a jaw-droppping performance, and amazingly, she scored 445 points! There were many first-timer who won the trophy before, but only a few who could break the highest score record at the same time, and Gummy had become one of them (the other one was JK Kim Dong Wook on the Shim Soo Bong special episode). Indeed, she is really something else; one of a fantastic kind!

3. Huh Gak – Through the Hidden Time (가려진 시간 사이로)

Opening up the big three of the list, I have the amazing male singer, Huh Gak, with his performance on Yoon Sang special episode. This episode was actually aired near the end of 2013 on KBS television station. However, as it was aired by KBS World channel in the beginning of 2014, I count this performance as the part of this year’s performance, because I regularly watch “Immortal Songs 2” through the KBS World channel. In this episode, Huh Gak performed one of Yoon Sang’s biggest hits, titled “Through the Hidden Time (가려진 시간 사이로)”. That performance was Huh Gak’s comeback on “Immortal Songs 2” after seven months long hiatus. The then-newlywed little giant showed a calm yet immersing ballad semi R n’ B rendition of “Through the Hidden Time (가려진 시간 사이로)”. He was picked as the first performer on that episode, but who knew that the upcoming would be so incredible? He successfully scored 419 points as the first performer, and moreover, the most fascinating thing was, with his performance, he made an all-kill winning on that episode! That was breaking a new record for this program; an all-kill performance in a one-part episode. Until now, this record hasn’t been broken yet again. Indeed, Huh Gak is a fantastic ballad singer.

2. ALi – For Once in My Life ( 생애 한번만)

The madam of “Immortal Songs 2”, Jo Young Jin a.k.a ALi, is on the runner-up position with her legendary performance on the second part of Jo Young Nam special episodes. She performed one of Jo Young Nam’s hits, titled “For Once in My Life ( 생애 한번만)” with pop-ballad arrangement. The amazing thing was that she added pantomim dance in her performances, which brought it more to life. Moreover, her focus was no kidding! It was so perfect and brilliant. The sincerity could be felt through her performance. Her voice? Undoubtedly! ALi is never disappointing in term of vocal. She gave her all to the performance, and the audiences gave standing ovations for her. It was like ‘the return of the Queen’, because she barely won a round in many episodes before it. Her performance made her the final winner of the two-parts Jo Young Nam special episodes, with the record-breaking score; 447 points. As expected and indeed from the madam, now she even becomes the record-holder too, both for the most-winning singer (she has collected about 8 or 9 trophies of “Immortal Songs 2” until now) and the highest score performance. Yup, no wonder that she’s the forever Queen of “Immortal Songs 2”.

1. So Hyang – Lean On Me

On the honourable number one position, The Most Fantastic Winning Performances on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014 goes to the lovely female singer, So Hyang, with her fabulous performance on Michael Bolton special episode. It was her first visit to “Immortal Songs 2” when she performed one of Michael Bolton’s hits, titled “Lean On Me”. As the last performer on that episode, she successfully awed and mesmerized everyone with her pop orchestra rendition of “Lean On Me”. Even the legend, Michael Bolton himself, gave a standing ovation for her as he was really impressed and touched by her performance. He said her performance was spectacular. Incredibly, her marvelous performance gave her a winning trophy of that very episode with 442 points. The arrangement, her powerful yet beautiful voice, her attire, her stage attitude; everything was perfect! She burned up the stage with her amazing strong voice. There were many first-timer on this show who won the trophy before, but there was no one like her; who looked so relax when she performed. One word for So Hyang’s “Lean On Me”: fantastic!


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  1. OMG IS2 rocks! Totally in love with Boohwal new vocalist. :D

  2. Wow.. happy to know your blog, nice review as well.. i am not regular viewer of IS, but have already watched most of these lists..Really enjoying all performer in IS, yet JK Kim Donguk is my fave after all. Hehe. His husky n sexy voice really captivated me, even when he talks. Hahaa..