7 Most Breathtaking Collaboration Performances on "Immortal Songs 2" of 2014

The Korean music entertainment program, “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend” still is one of my must-watch television shows in 2014. During this whole year, “Immortal Songs 2” have been showcasing many wonderful collaboration performances. The production team even made a special episode titled “Best Duo Special: Singing the Love”, and also two more special episodes that featured collaboration performances; “Actor Special” and “Summer Special Part 1 with Guest”.

Lee Ji Hoon and Ailee share a hot stage on "Immortal Songs 2" - source: tistory.com

Among those collaboration performances, I pick seven performances for The Most Breathtaking Collaboration Performances on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014. Whether it’s a collaboration between singer and singer, singer and actor, singer and comedian, singer and musicians, or singer and a band; whether it’s a cross-country, cross-genre, or cross-generation collaboration; I pick seven that successfully took my breath away when I was watching them. Here comes the list for the third post of 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, please enjoy.

7. Lee Ji Hoon & Ailee – Green Wood (희나리)

Opening up this list on number seven, I have the hot and sexy collaboration between the infamous female singer, Ailee, with the handsome actor Lee Ji Hoon. The femme and homme fatale were brought together in the 143rd episode of “Immortal Songs 2”, which was the “Actor Special” episode. This episode was aired on KBS television station on March 8th 2014, and later was broadcasted by KBS World channel on March 29th 2014. Ailee and Lee Ji Hoon performed the song titled “Green Wood (희나리)” that was originally sung by Goo Chang Mo back in 1985. The actor with prince-like looks, Lee Ji Hoon, actually debuted as a singer in the 1990s, before he turned to actor, both on screen and on the musical theatre stage. Therefore, his singing skill is undoubtedly great. Moreover, he was paired with Ailee, a singer with goddess-like voice. As the result, their performance was amazing! They rocked the stage with their pop-rock rendition of “Green Wood (희나리)”. Besides, despite the age gap, Ailee and Lee Ji Hoon look so great together, not to mention that their vocals harmony sounds so pleasing too, and I wish I could see more of their collaboration in the future.

6. Yoon Min Soo & Shin Young Jae – Fate (인연) & Please (제발)

The winner of “Best Duo Special: Singing the Love” episode, Yoon Min Soo & Shin Young Jae, are on number six of the list. They’ve collaborated twice; the first one is on episode 147 (second part of Lee Sun Hee special) when they performed Lee Sun Hee’ “Fate (인연)”, and the second one is on episode 168 (“Best Duo Special”) when they performed Lee So Ra’s “Please (제발)”. Both performances were gaining a lot of attentions and positive reviews, and the latter one brought them a winning trophy with 426 poins. It was what exactly happened when two masters of ballad met on the stage. As we know it, Shin Young Jae is the lead vocalist of vocal group 4MEN, which is discovered and produced by Yoon Min Soo himself. So they’re literally teacher and student. However, instead of making an uncomfortable situation between them, the status makes their compatibility is unbeatable. No need to say more, just watch their breathtaking ballad face-off performances.

5. Jung Dong Ha & DICKPUNKS – Whale Hunting (고래사냥)

Up on number five of the list, here I have my favorite Korean male singer, Jung Dong Ha, who collaborated with the hottest band, DICKPUNKS. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I knew that Jung and DICKPUNKS were going to have a collaboration performance on “Immortal Songs 2”. They are my favorites, and they perform together on one stage! Incredible. It was on the 156th episode, which was the “Summer Special Part 1 with Guest”. This episode was broadcasted by KBS television station on July 5th 2014, and later was aired on KBS World channel on July 26th 2014. The rocker and the band performed a huge hit written by the legend of Korean folk music, Song Chang Sik, titled “Whale Hunting (고래사냥)”. What was happen when the calm and serious met the fun and lively? It was an amazing synergy. Jung Dong Ha and Kim Tae Hyun’s vocals were going so well together. The pop-rock rendition of “Whale Hunting (고래사냥)” was so powerful. It felt like watching a summer rock festival. Indeed, Jung is never disappointing for me. Moreover, he’s with DICKPUNKS this time. These guys, really, I’m lost for words; it seems like there’s no limit for these men.

4. Ailee & Shin Bora – Let’s Go on a Trip (여행을 떠나요)

Ailee is indeed a chameleon-like singer. Whomever she is being paired with, she could make a compatible duet. Therefore, on number four, I have Ailee all over again, now with her annual summer-partner, the infamous comedian lady from KBS’ “Gag Concert”, Shin Bora. If you are a regular viewer of “Immortal Songs 2”, you must be understand what I meant by ‘annual summer-partner’. Yup, Ailee and Shin Bora had performed together before on the last year’s summer special episode of this program. Back then, their fabulous collaboration made them a winner of the first part from two-parts special episodes. One year later, on the “Summer Special Part 1 with Guest” episode, they came back together again, stronger than ever. They performed a hit by Korean legendary singer, Cho Yong Pil, titled “Let’s Go on a Trip (여행을 떠나요)”. And guess what, this performance was a looooot more fabulous than their last year performance! The girls even did a short comedy sketch in the beginning (and also in the middle) of their performance. It was a kind of performance that entertaining all of your five senses. Very refreshing yet breathtaking!

3. Kim Jong Seo feat. Kim Tae Won & Shin Dae Chul – Hotel California

Opening the big three of the list, I have the collaboration of big three legendary figures of Korean rock music; Kim Jong Seo, Kim Tae Won, and Shin Dae Chul. Seriously, where else we can see a legendary performance like this beside on “Immortal Songs 2”? Nowhere! Kim Jong Seo, the legendary rock vocalist (he’s the former vocalist of both Boohwal and Sinawe, the most prominent Korean rock bands), brought Kim Tae Won (the leader and guitarist of Boohwal) and Shin Dae Chul (the leader and guitarist of Sinawe) together in one stage. Only Kim Jong Seo who could do this! Back on their hey-days, Boohwal and Sinawe were rivals, so it’s impossible to see them collaborate on one stage. However, after all these years, finally they could make it, thanks to Kim Jong Seo (once again)! It was on episode 148 (“Foreign Singers Special” episode) when they performed the megahit from the godfathers of American rock groups, Eagles, titled “Hotel California”. The song was well-known for its twin guitar solo part, therefore Kim Jong Seo’s decision to bring over Kim Tae Won and Shin Dae Chul was brilliant. Indeed, the collaboration was burning hot the stage and audiences; such a once-in-a-lifetime worthy performance!

2. Kim Bada & Seo Moon Tak – Mona Lisa (모나리자)

On the runner-up position, I have the epic collaboration of male and female rock vocalist, Kim Bada and Seo Moon Tak. They collaborated in the 168th episode of “Immortal Songs 2”, which was the “Best Duo Special: Singing the Love” episode. It was aired on KBS television station on October 11th 2014, and later was broadcasted by KBS World channel on November 1st 2014. The rock duet performed a hit by Korean legendary singer, Cho Yong Pil, titled “Mona Lisa (모나리자)”. As expected, they arranged the pop-dynamic song into a passionate rock song. And guess what, the arrangement was amazing! They were picked as the first performer of that episode and their breathtaking performance was successfully setting the score bar up high since the beginning with 407 poins. With that score, they won three consecutive rounds. Their charisma overtook the stage and captivated the audience. The energy was overflowing! It’s really a kind of performance that meets my personal preference. Mesmerizing arrangement and powerful voices; it’s rock n’ roll, Baby!

1. Im Tae Kyung & Paul Potts – Love (사랑)

Finally, we reach the top position, and on this number one spot, The Most Breathtaking Collaboration Performance on “Immortal Songs 2” of 2014 goes to the marvelous duet performance by Im Tae Kyung and Paul Potts. It was on the episode 170, “Trot Music Special”, when the prince of musical theater stage, Im Tae Kyung, collaborated with the winner of 2007 Britain’s Got Talent, Paul Potts. This episode was broadcasted by KBS television station on October 25th 2014, and then it was aired on KBS World channel on November 15th 2014. They performed the megahit of trot music legend, Na Hoon Ah, titled “Love (사랑)”. Two incredible singers met on one stage, what would it be like? It was a historical performance! After their performance was over, it was the first time I heard the audiences wanted an encore from a performance. Literally, it was breathtaking! No wonder that they won the trophy of that episode with 435 poins. Well, the score wasn’t matter (it was very high though), but the most matter thing was that they showed a world class performance, over the boundaries and barriers, delivered a message of love; it was such a touching and beautiful and heartwarming collaboration. In one word: breathtaking!


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