7 Most Beautiful K-Pop Collaboration of 2014

Soyou and Junggigo celebrate their "Some" win on a television music program - source: kpopstarz.com

The harmony of man and woman’s voices. From the melancholic heart-broken ballad until the cheerful heart-fluttering pop, K-Pop universe has surprised us with many beautiful male-female duets in 2014. As the 13th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, here is the list of The Most Beautiful K-Pop Collaboration of 2014. Please enjoy~

7. Huh Gak & Jung Eunji – Break Up To Make Up (이제 그만 싸우자)

The labelmates open up the list on number seven, the male soloist Huh Gak and Jung Eunji from the girl group Apink. They sang a beautiful pop duet song titled “Break Up To Make Up (이제 그만 싸우자)”, which was released as a single “A Cube for Season #Sky Blue” on July 8th. Despite their age gap (Huh is 9 years older than Jung), the harmony of their vocals stood up and blended well in the song’s sweet melody, as it tells about a man and a woman who are in a (presumably a long-term one) relationship and separating after having their biggest fight. However, everything doesn’t get better after their breakup, and that’s when they both realize that they should make up. “So let me tell you again and again, let’s stop fighting.”

6. Hyorin & Joo Young (feat. Iron) – Erase (지워)

Another labelmates are on this number six, Hyorin from the girl group Sistar and the male soloist Joo Young, who collaborated for special Starship X collaborative project. They released a pop R n’ B song titled “Erase (지워)” in a single album on November 20th. Hyorin’s husky voice goes very well with Joo’s charming tone, making a sexy harmony as the song tells about two lovers that become distant as they are not able to speak up their true feelings and misunderstanding keeps pilling up between them. Walking away is always the easiest way out, yet the best way is never the easiest one. “I’m not that great of a person. Don’t think too hard. Don’t pretend to be nice. We always had that kind of love.”

5. Shin Hye Sung & Oak Joo Hyun – Love...After (사랑...후에)

The main vocalist of the longest-running idol group Shinhwa, Shin Hye Sung, is on the number five position with his collaboration with female singer, Oak Joo Hyun. Oak lent her beautiful voice to collaborate with Shin for his new release titled “Love...After (사랑...후에)”. The pop R n’ B song is a remake of Shin’s solo hits, combining two different song titled “Love... Love... (사랑... 사랑...)” and “After... (후에...)”. It was released on October 31th as the single album, “Remake Project ‘Once Again’ #4”. Their mesmerizing melancholic voices flow along the heartwrenching melody, as this song tells about two lovers who have to separate though they still deeply in love with each other. Indeed, love is a hard path to walk on, yet love itself is the thing that gives us faith and strength to keep walking on it. “This path that we have walked through hand in hand, let’s continue to walk even though we have parted.”

4. Lyn & Leo – Blossom Tears (꽃잎놀이)

Ballad senior meets ballad junior, Lyn and Leo’s mesmerizing collaboration with “Blossom Tears (꽃잎놀이)” is on number four of the list. The pop ballad track was released as a single titled “Y.BIRD from Jellyfish with Lyn X Leo” on August 5th for VIXX’s company collaborative project. At first I was surprised when I know that the Queen of soundtrack, Lyn, was going to release a duet song with the main vocal of boy group VIXX, Leo. Since he was still considered as a rookie, a question suddenly popped up in my head; could he keep it up with Lyn? Well, after hearing the song, I was more surprised. He could keep up very well! Their harmony sounds so heartbreakingly beautiful as they sing a song about a long-term couple who are having their hardest time in the relationship and facing the edge of breakup. As long as the love is still there, no matter how hard the situation is, a relationship is worth fighting for. Just take a look back to those times you’ve spent together, reminisce, and contemplate. “I was lonely every day from protecting you.” “I’m sorry for the painful times, I won’t lose you again.”

3. Jung Joon Young & Younha – Just The Way You Are (달리 함께)

Sweet collaboration between both singer-musician, Jung Joon Young and Younha, “Just The Way You Are (달리 함께)”, opens the big three of the list. The two had collaborated before when Jung was still a contestant of Superstar K4. He was always a big fan of Younha. And now after he has debuted as a singer, Jung finally has his dream coming true by having a duet song with his idol. “Just The Way You Are (달리 함께)” was released as a single album on May 29th, right one month before Jung having a comeback with his second mini album, “TEENAGER”. The pop-rock song with medium tempo showcases a dynamic yet heartwarming harmony between Jung and Younha, as it tells about two people who love each other despite their shortage and weakness; that regardless of their lackness, they’re beautiful together. “Even if you get shaken up even more, it’s okay. Even if you get even more nervous, it’s okay. It’s so beautiful that you and I are together. Walk with me like this.”

2. Taeyeon & Jonghyun – Breath (숨소리)

The title track of SM The Ballad’s second album, “Breath (숨소리)” performed by Taeyeon and Jonghyun, is on the runner-up position. The main vocalists from Girls’ Generation and SHINee were teamed up together to sing the main single for SM Entertainment’s collaboration album project titled “SM The Ballad Vol. 2 – Breath”, which was released on February 13th. The heart-wrenching ballad track was also served as the theme song for Mnet’s mini-drama titled “Mimi” (2014). As the lyrics tell about two broken up people who long for each other so much that they can’t take it, Jonghyun and Taeyeon duke it out in a melancholic yet powerful harmony. Indeed, when the love and relationship left a very deep impression in someone, even a single phone call could destroy the long hard effort to move on. “When tears are falling like this, I don’t even know what to do with my little cherished memories, because it hurts so much. I know that we promised to let each other go, but when I keep thinking about you, when it’s so hard that I can’t take it, just like this, at least please let me hear your breath.”

1. Soyu & Jung Gigo (feat. Lil Boi) – Some ()

Topping the music charts for weeks, endless parodies from other singers and entertainers, right here on the number one position, The Most Beautiful K-Pop Collaboration of 2014 goes to “Some ()” by Soyu and Jung Gigo. The pop R n’ B song was released as a single on February 7th. The word ‘beautiful’ really stands well for this duet song. First, Soyu and Jung’s vocals harmony sounds so sweet and tender. Second, the melody sounds brightly heart-warming that it goes nicely with the vocals harmony. Last but not least, the lyrics tell about two people who clearly have special feelings toward each other yet they don’t come clear about their relationship status; the situation which happens a lot in youth relationship nowadays. With the playful yet close-to-the-reality-of-youth-relationship-nowadays lyrics, addictive melody, and beautiful harmony, indeed, this song deserves this top position. Love isn’t real until it’s being said and done. “These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine, but you’re not. It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours, but I’m not. Don’t just laugh like you don’t know, and stop this now, be real with me.”


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