7 Most Addictive K-Pop Hits of 2014

Hello, Readers! I welcome you to the very last month of 2014, December. Bittersweet, right? Bitter because time indeed flies. It seems like just yesterday when 2014 started and now we already come to the end of the year all over again. Sweet because we have to be grateful for having this chance to live and breathe until now. The end of the year is indeed a good time to contemplate, to take a look back again to whatever has happened along this year, to take the good of it and make it better in the upcoming year. Therefore, this month’s theme in this blog’s posts will be 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014. You should anticipate, because all posts in this December will be in a list form of the best and the most in 2014.

Kai and Tao in the "Overdose" music video by EXO - source: fanpop.com

As the opening post of this month, I will make a list of The Most Addictive K-Pop Hits of 2014. 2014 has been a colorful year for the K-Pop universe. Hundreds, maybe thousands, songs have been released by many artists, whether they are idol groups, bands, solo singers. There have been many anticipated comebacks and debuts by notable artists, whether they are idol groups, bands, solo singers. Among those all, I pick only seven songs that had been released in this year; the seven most addictive songs, for me personally. The qualification for me to choose these songs is based on the capability of the song for making me listen to it over and over again, until the point when I have the urge to write a review of it, or just upload the song onto Path and Twitter (that’s why I use the title ‘addictive’). So, here it goes the list of my 7 Most Addictive K-Pop Hits of 2014.

7. CNBLUE – Cold Love (독한 사랑)

I begin with a song by the infamous Korean band, CNBLUE, titled “Cold Love (독한 사랑)” on number seven. This pop-rock song could be ranked higher, but I decide to put it on this spot because CNBLUE didn’t make “Cold Love (독한 사랑)” neither as the title song nor the lead single from their fourth mini-album, “Can’t Stop”. Written by CNBLUE’s leader and lead vocal, Jung Yong Hwa, along with composer Heaven Light, “Cold Love (독한 사랑)” was a part of “Can’t Stop” mini-album that was released on February 24th 2014. It’s my favorite track from the album, and even until now, I still put this song on my playlist, making “Cold Love (독한 사랑)” is CNBLUE’s song that I hear the most in a day. I’ve made a review of it, which you can read in here.

6. Infinite – Back

Moving up to number six, I have song titled “Back”, performed by the infamous Korean boy group, Infinite. “Back” was served as the title song and lead single the repackage version of Infinite’s second studio album, “Be Back”. It was released on July 22nd 2014. This dance semi ballad pop song really brings out the best of Infinite, thanks to the writer of this song, the composer and music producer Rphabet. It contains the melancholic sounds of orchestra, which makes its melody sounds so grand and different among any usual K-Pop songs. For the further review of this song, you can read in here.

5. 2NE1 – Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)

On number five, I have “Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)” by the infamous Korean girl group, 2NE1. No, it’s not the original version, but the unplugged one. Actually, this song could be ranked higher, but I choose to put it in this position because, I personally think, that the original version is not as addictive as the unplugged version. It would be better if they just made the unplugged version as the original version. It’s written by Teddy, along with Choi Pil Kang and Dee P. as the composer and arranger. Anyway, “Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)” was released as a part of 2NE1’s second studio album titled “Crush”, on February 27th 2014 digitally and March 7th 2014 physically. I’ve written a review of this pop acoustic track, which you can read in here.

4. Epik High – Spoiler (스포일러)

Epik High’s lead single from their newest album, “Spoiler (스포일러)”, is on number four of this list. The ballad hip-hop track served as the promotional song for the hip-hop trio’s 8th studio album, “Shoebox”, that was released on October 21st 2014 digitally and on October 22nd 2014 physically. “Spoiler (스포일러)” was written by Epik High’s leader and main vocal, Tablo, and was composed along with Choi Pil Kang. I fall in love with this song since the first time I heard it. No need to say more, the melody is sooo addictive! It’s a prove that Epik High is still one of the best hip-hop groups in South Korea. I haven’t made a further review of this song, but I will make it soon.

3. WINNER – Empty (공허해)

Opening the big three of the list, I have the super rookie of the year, WINNER, with their debut song, “Empty (공허해)” on this number three. This pop R n’ B semi ballad track served as the lead single of their first mini-album, “2014 S/S”. The mini-album was released on August 12th 2014. “Empty (공허해)” was composed by B.I and PK and arranged by PK himself. Meanwhile, the lyrics were penned by one of WINNER members, Song Mino, along with B.I and Bobby. As soon as it was being released, this track received an instant ‘all-kill’ for conquering the number one position on real-time music charts. This song also brought them to achieve their first win on television music shows, making them the fastest male rookie group to achieve number one on the music shows. More about the review of this song, you can check it in here.

2. EXO – Overdose (중독) (Korean Ver.)

On the runner-up position here I have EXO’s “Overdose (중독)”. As an EXO-L (the official name of EXO’s fans), this song means a lot for me personally. It was their last hits before the infamous boy group shattered in the middle of 2014, leaving them with only ten members after the departure of Kris and Luhan. Following their massive success in 2013 with “Growl (으르렁)”, EXO’s comeback in 2014 was highly anticipated. On May 7th 2014, they finally released their third studio extended-plays (EP) titled “Overdose”, along with the music video (MV) of its title song. The lead single “Overdose (중독) (Korean Ver.)” was written by Kenzie and The Underdogs, who also composed and arranged the song. Just like the literal meaning of “중독” that means “addiction”, this song is really addictive! Not only the song, but EXO’s dance group routine in the choreography of this song is very addictive, as always. I haven’t made a special review of “Overdose (중독)” but I will make it as soon as I have the chance.

1. Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips (, , )

The Most Addictive K-Pop Hits of 2014 goes to Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips (, , )”! I guess YG Entertainment really nails it through the whole year. Among these seven songs that I pick, it turns out that four of them are produced by YGE’s artist, including this number one song. “Eyes, Nose, Lips ()” was released on June 3rd 2014 as a part of Taeyang’s second solo studio album titled “Rise”, that was released digitally on June 3rd 2014 and physically on June 10th 2014. This ballad R n’ B song was composed by Teddy Park along with Dee.P and Rebecca Johnson. The arrangement was done by Teddy and Dee.P, while the lyrics were written by Teddy and Taeyang himself. As well as the song, the music video (MV) was simple yet epic. Not only massively popular through song remakes, it’s also popular through MV parody during this whole year. Well, to those reasons, I guess this position really belongs to “Eyes, Nose, Lips (, , )”. More about Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips (, , )” song review? You can read in here.


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