7 Best TV Personalities of 2014: Male Edition

There have been ups and downs in Korean entertainment industry in 2014, especially in television broadcasting section. Many new programs were start airing, while some others started their new season, and many others continued just as before. Despite the ups and downs, which mostly are caused by the rating-drops or discharging-members, some regular television shows keep doing its best in entertaining people and providing us with some great laughs during this whole year, big applause for that!

Song Jae Rim as a guest on "Running Man" - source: runmanclub.net

Though it’s a matter of teamwork when it comes to television shows, those efforts also can’t be separated from some certain figures in those shows that play a big and significant role so that the show can be particularly entertaining and joyful. Therefore, as the fourth post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I will make a list of The Best TV Personalities of 2014. For this list, I will pick seven most entertaining figures in some television programs that I regularly watch every week; SBS’ “Running Man”, KBS’ “2 Days 1 Night”, SBS’ “Roommate”, and MBC’s “We Got Married”. Also, the seven figures will be all men; that’s why this post is titled Male Edition. Here we go!

7. GOT7’s Jackson Wang – Master of Mood-Booster

Opening up the list on number seven, I have the new face in the entertainment industry, Jackson Wang, from the second season of SBS’ variety program, “Roommate”. When “Roommate” season 1 came to an end, and they loaded and unloaded members to start-off the new season, one of the things that I’m glad of was the fact that Jackson joined the new line-up as a permanent cast member. Together with Kara’s Youngji, he’s the youngest member (maknae) of the season 2 members. As a new face in the industry, both in music and entertainment (because he had just debuted with the JYP’s rookie boy group, GOT7, on January 2014), he has successfully surprised me with his bright, cheerful, daring, and confident attitudes. Somehow he reminds me of Lee Kwang Soo (the maknae of “Running Man”) and Jung Joon Young (the maknae of “2 Days 1 Night” season 3). Besides his fireworks-like attitude, he’s a very polite, kind, caring, and hard-working young boy, which makes all of his older brothers (hyung) and older sisters (noona) in the show are taking care of him very well too. Why is he The Master of Mood-Booster? Because I see him that way. He’s one of the main mood-boosting points from the “Roommate” season 2, which is the reason why I enjoy this season more than the previous one. Just pairing Jackson with anyone in the show, he could always blending well. I especially love the connection between Jackson and Youngji, the youngsters couple of the show, as they always show a cute, funny, and sweet relationship between two same-age friends, who are bickering with each other as fast as they’re making it up to each other. I’m always looking forward for him (and his relationship with Youngji) in the future. Jackson, fighting!

6. Lee Kwang Soo – Master of Bad Luck

The icon of misfortune from the SBS’ Sunday variety show “Running Man”, Lee Kwang Soo, is on number six. Yup, the Giraffe fever is still on, everybody! Though people say that RM’s popularity is slowly decreasing now, for me that’s not true at all. For me personally, RM is still the main source of laughter and happiness that comes every weekend to heal all the pain and exhaustion from the entire weekdays. And of course, the Kwangvatar is still the significant figure to make that happens. Remember when the first time he joined RM back in 2010? He was the very new face in the entertainment industry yet he did so well even as the maknae of the cast member. Since then, Lee had set the bar for the variety show newbies as well as the variety show maknae members. Perhaps that’s why I always fond of all the maknae of a variety show members who work hard and do their best for the sake of the show and other members (for examples are Jackson of “Roommate” season 2 and Jung Joon Young of “2 Days 1 Night” season 3). Lee gained his title as the icon of misfortune since the early episodes of RM. Even until now, his bad luck is the thing that triggers laughters for people. Seriously, we could never guess what would happen to this guy. That’s why he’s The Master of Bad Luck. Anyway, RM is incomplete without their unlucky maknae. Lee, Kwang, Soo, cross!

5. Jung Joon Young – Master of Endurance

The not-so-new-but-still-is-being-considered-as-rookie in the entertainment industry, Jung Joon Young from the third season of KBS’ Sunday variety show “2 Days 1 Night”, is on number five. The rock singer joined 2D1N season 3 line-up as the permanent cast member last year, along with two members from previous season; Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun, and another three new members; Kim Jun Ho, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Defcon. Since then, he became the maknae of 2D1N season 3 members, and also the icon of luck, because of his capability to escape any punishment during the early episodes. Jung has also won most of the important games, making him the most wanted member everyone wants to be teamed up with. Though the myth is slowly decreasing now, Jung’s unique personality is still one of the main highlights of the show. Why is he The Master of Endurance? Because many of his winning games are kind of games that need high level of endurance in order to win (and not all 2D1N members have this kind of ability, only Jung has it). Moreover, he’s quite a quick adapter and a very hard-worker guy so that his hyungs on 2D1N really take care of him. Somehow he reminds me with Lee Kwang Soo when he first became a part of “Running Man”, a new face and also a maknae, but has the ability to make his surroundings take attention toward him. He also has proven in many times that he’s a spiritful and capable member that other older members could rely and depend on to. Rock n’ roll, Jung!

4. Jo Se Ho – Master of Unifier

Up on number four, there is comedian Jo Se Ho from the first and second season of “Roommate”. It’s surely a great thing that this chubby man is staying for “Roommate” season 2. I can say that he’s the soul of the show, especially for the first season. While in the second season, he’s the unifier. That’s why he’s The Master of Unifier. In my opinion, he has successfully unified the former members from season 1 with the new members of season 2. It could be seen from the first episode of season 2, when everyone was still so awkward with each other because they had just met, Jo was the one who played the role as an ice-breaker, in a nice and smooth way. In order for a program to keep alive, it needs at least one person like Jo. So, thankfully, “Roommate” has it. It’s even better now because there is a woman version of Jo; Lee Gook Joo, who joined the show as a permanent cast member of season 2. Jo and Lee are really in a great unison with each other. I was very entertained with Jo’s relationship with Nana during the first season, but now it’s even better because he’s not only focusing with Nana, but also with all other members. A good program is the one in which we can see the development and the growth of every member’s character, and I begin to see it in “Roommate” season 2. Though it’s now airing on Tuesday instead of Sunday, I hope it goes well, because I want to see more of Jo (and the other members too) in the future. Jo Se Ho, fighting! “Roommate”, fighting!

3. Kim Jun Ho – Master of ROFLMAO

Starting up the big three of the list, I have the Grand Prize winner of 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards, Kim Jun Ho from the third season of “2 Days 1 Night”, on number three. Along with Jung Joon Young, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Defcon, he joined Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun as the permanent cast member of 2D1N season 3 since last year. His appearance has brought a fresh air to the show, as expected indeed from the Daesang winner. From his witty humours, comical expressions, until the sly attitudes have successfully brought laughters to the show’s viewers. The senior comedian of KBS’ “Gag Concert” becomes the center of the show, without outshining the other members, that’s Kim Jun Ho’s quality. Instead of outshining the other members, he has the ability to light up the atmosphere so that everyone could shine together as a team, under the same spotlight. Whenever Kim is there, there’s no such thing as an awkward moment. He takes care of his members even when everyone doesn’t realize it. His jokes and actions are unpredictable and he’s capable to make everyone cracks up whenever he opens his mouth or does something. Moreover, he has the capability to make other people feel comfortable around him. Why is he The Master of ROFLMAO? Because for me personally, Kim is the source of joy and happiness everytime I watch 2D1N. He’s truly a comedian to the bone. All hail, Mr. Sly!

2. Song Jae Rim – Master of Seduction

On the runner-up position I have another new face in the entertainment industry, Song Jae Rim, from the MBC’s Saturday variety program, “We Got Married”. Truthfully, the actor is like a thunderbolt attack at noon! It was only two months ago when his first appearance in WGM was aired, but guess what, he’s the trend now! He joined WGM as a virtual married couple with actress Kim So Eun, as the replacement of Jang Wooyoung and Park Se Young couple whose virtual marriage had come to an end. As soon as the first episode of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun couple was aired, he became the trending topic, because of his bold actions, super-cheesy lines, and speedy skinships with Kim. For the first time ever since I started watching WGM, there’s a couple that keeps me so desperately waiting for the next episode to come, only to watch this couple; that’s because of Song. And also, for the first time ever since I started watching WGM, there’s a couple that makes me watching and re-watching their parts all over again from time to time; that’s because of Song. Since Song joined WGM, this show is never the same again. His appearance has definitely upgraded the show. Why is he The Master of Seduction? Well, I guess that’s obvious. Watching him in WGM makes me think; that this is the kind of man whom I want to be with as a partner for life. A man who’s romantic but annoying at the same time, a man who’s cheesy but funny at the same time, a man who’s honest and bold at the same time, a man who can make us laugh and feel comfortable, a man whom we can trust and rely on; that man is Song Jae Rim.

1. Yoo Jae Suk – Master of Masters

And finally, the number one spot, The Best TV Personality of 2014: Male Edition goes to the South Korea’s National MC, our very own Yoo Jae Suk. There’s one thing that I learn from watching many kinds of variety programs through the years; that every long-lasting program must have a central character. Not ‘central’ as the kind of ‘the centre of attention’, but ‘central’ as the kind of a person who could bring all attentions to him and his members. In “Running Man”, that ‘central’ is Yoo Jae Suk. Even though Yoo had already gained his title as the National MC before he joined RM, it can’t be denied that RM was the program that brought him famous internationally, as the show is enormously beloved abroad Korea. So, there’s no “Running Man” without Yoo Jae Suk, as well as there’s no we-all-know-him-so-well-now Yoo Jae Suk without “Running Man”. Well, as for this great man, I guess no need to explain more. He has all the qualities to bring all of his members together. It’s been four years already since RM first started, but as I’ve mentioned before, this program is still the one that makes me laugh and happy every week. Dear Mr. Grasshopper, I’m rooting for you, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and I always will.


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