7 Best TV Personalities of 2014: Female Edition

Following the 7 Best TV Personalities of 2014: Male Edition, here is the Female Edition for the 12th post of 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014. Still, for this list, I will pick seven most entertaining female figures in some television programs that I regularly watch every week; SBS’ “Running Man”, SBS’ “Roommate”, and MBC’s “We Got Married”. Actually, making both of the list is quite hard. For the Male Edition case, that was because there are so many male television personalities, and most of Korean television shows are dominated by men (even the big three of The Nation’s MCs are men). On the other side, for this Female Edition, I find it hard because there aren’t so many female television personalities around in the industry. Sadly, it has been so well known that Korean television shows industry is lack of famous women figures, whether they’re hosts, gag women, even regular members of variety shows. After KBS’ “Invincible Youth”, I rarely see a variety show that the most regular members of it is mostly consist of women. Even now when MBC has made the female version of “Real Men” (it’s called “Real Men: Female Soldier”), it didn’t caught much attention unlike the male version. However, a show is incomplete without women. The production team is really aware of this situation, and even in an all-men show like “2 Days and 1 Night”, they have a special segment called Morning Angel where they invite (most of the time) female guest. Therefore, as a woman, I have to make this list in order to appreciate those female figures on television shows who have worked hard to inspire and prove that women can do well too in variety shows.

7. Park Mi Sun
The list begins with the senior female MC from MBC’s “We Got Married”, Park Mi Sun, on number seven. Among the female MCs, I would dub her as the female Yoo Jae Suk. She has the capability to balance the situation. One of the main reasons why “We Got Married” still continues as the long running television show is because of her. Though she just sits in the studio and watch the couples as the panel MC, Park always gives meaningful comments, and sometimes hilarious ones that could crack up the whole studio with laughter. Sometimes I also watch her on KBS’ “Happy Together” where she is the host along with her bestfriend, Yoo Jae Suk. She isn’t being overshadowed by the male hosts and that’s the power of experience.

6. Hong Jin Young
Hong Jin Young is next on number six of the list. The female soloist might be well-known as the rising Goddess of Trot Music with her mesmerizing voice, but in this list, she is the bride from MBC’s “We Got Married” (WGM). Joining the show as the virtual wife of actor Namgoong Min, Hong takes the lead in the beginning since she has more experience in variety show than her virtual husband (WGM is Namgoong’s first variety show). The trot singer shows her charming confidence and cheerful as she’s being a playful wife for her older calm husband. As the oldest couple of the show (in the matter of ages), they both show a dare and touchy relationship, making the audience flutter in excitement. She once showed up shortly in KBS’ “2 Days and 1 Night” and SBS’ “Roommate”, and also came twice as a guest on SBS’ “Running Man”. Though that was just in a short time, she could bright up the mood with her cute cheerful attitude.

5. KARA’s Heo Youngji
Moving up to number five, here is the youngest member (maknae) of the second season of SBS’ “Roommate”, Heo Youngji. Recently joined the famous girl group, KARA, Youngji gained a lot of attention after becoming the new regular members line-up for “Roommate” season two, with the alligator-like mute laughter as her signature. Together with Wang Jackson, both make a cute bickering maknae couple who always light up the mood of the house. Don’t know exactly why but I love so much to see this couple. I always don’t get it when people dissing a certain celebrity couple, moreover when they diss a couple that is very adorable and lovable like Youngji and Jackson (please, narrow-minded people, just mind your own business, it’s just a TV show afterall, and who do you think you are to diss even if this couple becomes real?). They’re hard-working youngsters, and I always fall so hard for this kind of maknae.

4. GIRLS’ DAY’s Kim Yura
Again from the MBC’s “We Got Married”, Kim Yura is on the number four positions. The member of sexy-cute girl group, Girl’s Day, is the bride of actor Hong Jong Hyun. As the youngest couple on the show (in terms of age), Yura and Hong –well known as JjongAh couple– approach the audience and grab the heart with their shy ‘first-love-like’ attitude. Yura deserves some extra points in here, for her never ending efforts to make the relationship works. Well, as we all know, Hong is a kind of cold city guy at first and he has a hard time to adjust with the variety show (it’s the first time for him). Fortunately, Yura is a bright Princess of burning hot fire who could melt down the heart of the Ice Prince. It won’t work like that if it’s not Yura.

3. Lee Gook Joo
2014 is the year for Lee Gook Joo. The gag woman from the second season of SBS’ “Roommate” is on number three of the list. Before joining the show as the new member for the season two, I saw her once as a guest on SBS’ “Running Man”. She was sooo hilarious! Therefore I was anticipating so much when I figured out that she would be joining “Roommate” season two. And guess what, she’s never disappointing! One of the reasons why season two is a way better and funnier than season one is because of her presence. Anyway, “Roommate” was never the same again since she came into the show, in a way that it became more interesting to watch.

2. Kim So Eun
On the runner-up position is our lovely newly-wed bride from MBC’s “We Got Married”, actress Kim So Eun. Who knows that being the wife of Song Jae Rim would be a very difficult and risky task to do? I bet that out of all women in all over the world, only Kim who could pull it off so well. If it’s not for her, this couple won’t be as much interesting as it is now. I bet that out of all women in all over the world, only Kim who could keep it up with Song’s cheesiness, romance, pranks, affection, jokes, and skinships. She’s the Queen of push-and-pull and I looove the ‘ping pong’ between her and her husband! This couple is satisfying me in every way; they have eye-candy appearance and common-relationship behaviour with their comfortable and natural action and reaction (this is what a real married –and being in love– couple is!). Kim is a great feat for Song. Unless it’s her, this couple won’t be as much lovable as it is now.

1. Song Ji Hyo
And now, topping the list is the only woman of SBS’ “Running Man” (RM), actress Song Ji Hyo. And so The Best TV Personality: Female Edition goes to the Ace of RM! Being around the same six men (playful –and sometimes annoying– ones) for more than four years is not an easy thing to do, yet Song is the one who can cope with it very well. Instead of being overshadowed by them, Song is able to stand out and even becoming the ace; winning most of the games and gold prize, and is more reliable than most of other male regular members of RM. A kind of real tough lady; my kind of lady! Beside her solo action, she makes the Monday Couple with Kang Gary becoming one of the main mood-boosters of the show. The push-and-pull for these four years is always something that everyone loves to watch over. Indeed, RM would be incomplete if Song was not around.


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