7 Best Moments with Guests on "Running Man" of 2014

Four years and still counting, “Running Man” (RM) has been one of my main sources of laughter and happiness. 2014 has been a worth riding rollercoaster year for RM. Through the good and the bad, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo have done their best to entertain people. This program could shine even brighter because of those amazing guests that have come to the show and surprised me with their hilarious charms. In order to give a big salute and appreciation for those guests, I make the list of The Best Moments with Guests on “Running Man” of 2014 as the 14th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014. This time I use a different format from previous lists. I won’t rank those moments. Instead, I will list them from the earlier episode until the later ones. Because every moment is precious, so it deserves no ranking.

Lee Gook Joo & Haha – “My Ear Candy” Dance Cover (Episode 205)

The rising gag woman of 2014, Lee Gook Joo, appeared as one of guests on the 205th episode of RM. The episode was broadcasted on July 20th. Besides Lee, singers Baek Ji Young and Hong Jin Young, model Kang Seung Hyun, and a member of girl group Miss A, Fei, also came as guests on that episode. It was during the first game, Job Scramble (members and guests are inside the bungalow and dancing to the song that is played while the production team announce the kind of job they have to do, when the song stops they have to rush to get out of the bungalow, only the first person to come out of the bungalow will get to do the job) game, when the production team played Baek’s duet hit song with 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon titled “My Ear Candy”. Lee and Haha, who both were already finished their job and became spectators outside the bungalow, got into the rhythm and danced along, parodying the infamous dance couple of the song. Hilarious!

Moon Hee Jun – Korean’s Luis Suarez Has Come! (Episode 209)

The original idols from the 90s came as guests on the 209th installment of RM. One of them was H.O.T’s leader, Moon Hee Jun. The episode was aired on August 17th. It was during the first game called Triangular Water Basketball, when Moon suddenly did a very unexpected and surprising thing; biting Haha’s butt! To make it clear, he was belong to the blue team along with other 90s original idols and Kim Jong Kook, while Haha was belong to the green team along with new generation idols, and other RM members were belong to the red team. Therefore, the three teams were competing against each other in the game. Kai from the green team was the witness of Moon’s despicable move and dubbed him as Suarez (a soccer player who’s well known for biting his opponent). No more explanation needed; it’s surprisingly funny!

Ailee – Supersonic Karaoke Show (Episode 211)

The Diva with powerful voice, Ailee, became one of the guests on the 211th episode of RM. It was broadcasted on August 31st. She was partnered up with Gary, and the first game they did was the High Altitude Karaoke Room (they must score over 90 points by singing while riding on the amusement ride) on a rollercoaster. She did her best to overcome her fear and pull it off with her mesmerizing vocal. Yet the rollercoaster wasn’t a joke! Singing, screaming, sing...screaming again, screaming while singing, and screaming all over again! Amazingly hilarious!

Seo Woo & Lee Yoo Ri – My Heels, My Pride! (Episode 213)

The 213th installment of RM featured Korean top notch actresses who are famous for strong and evil roles as guests; two of them were Seo Woo and Lee Yoo Ri. This episode was aired on September 21st. It was nice to see those fierce ladies showed the different side from ones they usually show on screen through the drama characters. A big laugh came from Seo and Lee during the preparation before they did the mud clay battle game. The two had to take off their shoes with heels and changed it into waterproof rubber boots. Yet Seo and Lee couldn’t let go of their heels easily, causing ruckus from the male members, as it was the first time for the men for having such cheeky (in terms of heels) female guests like them (changing a pair of shoes was taking quite some times, Seo took a rock and stood on it as if it was heels, Lee walked while tiptoeing, and all of them ended up talking while squatting down in order to give consideration for those two). The cheekiness even continued during the preparation before they did the carwash game. Seeing Seo and Lee stood side by side, Ji Suk Jin commented that their height was similar, causing the two suddenly tip their toes in an instant. Cutely hilarious!

Wang Ji Hye & Lee Kwang Soo – Bestfriends’ Face Off (Episode 219)

Beautiful actress Wang Ji Hye appeared as one of the guests on the episode 219 of RM. The episode was broadcasted on November 2nd. Wang had worked together with Lee Kwang Soo in a drama series production and they’ve been good friends since then (they’re around the same age too). Since the first entrance, Wang and Lee showed an entertaining bickering between two bestfriends. The climax was during the second mission when they did the phenomenal Of Course game (you have to answer any question from your opponent with “of course” in order to win) as a (pemanasan) game before they did the actual game, Corn Kernel Odd or Even (guess whether the number of corn kernels the opponent has is odd or even). This was when it all happened; the bestfriends were finally getting to face off! No one seemed to back off, therefore it was so thrilling yet hilarious.

Bobby Kim – Time of Suffering for Bobby (Episode 221)

The 221st installment of RM was a parade of singers with a total of 8 singers of different genres and generations coming as guests. One of them was Bobby Kim. That was his first appearance on RM yet who knows that the soul vocalist could display a very hilarious side of him? The episode was aired on November 16th, and it was during the second mission when they did the spectacular Battle of the Moles game, Bobby came out as the representative from his team (consisted of Gary, Jung In, and Bobby Kim himself) for the first round of the game. He had to dig a tunnel in the dirt to pass through under the wooden blocks (that was the first hurdle). He struggled, and struggled, and struggled all over again, until the point where his body was all covered up with dirt. It gave big laughters for all RM members and other guests, especially Narsha, who couldn’t stop laughing whenever she sees him. So funny! Addition to that, Gary’s reaction towards Bobby’s clumsiness was awesome! “Bobby, hyung~~~!”

Kim Woo Bin – Expression of Determination (Episode 225)

It was on the 225th episode of RM when Kim Woo Bin appeared as a guest along with his co-star, Lee Hyun Woo, in order to promote their new releases movie titled “The Technicians”. The episode was broadcasted on December 14th. It was the third time already Kim became a guest on the show and his determination to win the game was burning hot like a fire. The climax was during the second mission when they did the Staring Game (the one who blinks his/her eyes first is losing). Kim gave his all by turning his face into as ugly as possible to make his opponent (Gary) laughing and blinking his eyes. And guess what, where did Woo Bin go? It’s hilarious!


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