7 Best Moments on "2 Days and 1 Night" of 2014

Topping the Sunday evening slot TV rating for four months in a row, the popularity of “2 Days and 1 Night” season 3 is flying high through the roof now. Yet indeed, the program really deserves the high ratings, immense popularity, and great appreciations. The new Production Director (PD), Yoo Ho Jin, added four new members to start off the third season of the show last year; Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Jun Ho, Defconn, and the youngest (maknae) member Jung Joon Young. They joined Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min who continued from the previous season.

Reviving the quality of the first season as well as overcoming the downfall of the second season, the cast and crew of the third season have been dubbed as the best line-up of the show. As the 16th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I write down The Best Moments on “2 Days and 1 Night” of 2014. I will list them from the earlier episode until the later ones. Like I’ve said before, because every moment is precious, so it deserves no ranking.

The Birth of 3G (Relaxing Trip Special)

The first part of Relaxing Trip Special episodes was the beginning of the infamous 3G brothers bound; Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Jun Ho, and Kim Jong Min. The abbreviation 3G was coming from the numbers of member who had a leg cramp on that day (“cramp” in Korean is “jwi” ()). It began with Kim Jong Min having the cramp while climbing the ice wall for the lunch game of chance challenge. Later on, continued with Kim Jun Ho and Kim Joo Hyuk during the thigh wrestling game consecutively. Accidentally, the three of them were in same team during the episode, since they were all losing the ice wall climbing game. Therefore, the infamous-to-be-lost-in-every-game 3G brothers was officially born.

The Brotherhood of the Sea (The Manly Trip Special)

During the first part of The Manly Trip Special episodes, all six members as a team failed to win the race, therefore on the second part of the special episodes, the members had to do octopus fishing at dawn as punishment. However, only one member must go, because the fishing boat was too small. Instead of a bedtime game of chance (they all slept indoor), they did the fishing game of chance to decide the one who was lucky enough to go on boat. Beyond that, the production team staffs were also making their bet on the members. The man with the worst luck ever, Kim Jong Min, lost all the games and was selected to go fishing. Yet it’s not 2D1N if it didn’t have a surprising twist. Jong Min could take one member to go along with him. In the end, he chose Kim Jun Ho over other members to go octopus fishing together. And that was the beginning of the dumb-and-dumber-like brotherhood between them. The comical chemistry bound between them is no joke!

The Heirs of KBS (Jeollanamdo Great Food Tour Special)

The Jeollanamdo Great Food Tour Special episode actually could make it into 7 Most Memorable “2 Days and 1 Night” Episodes of 2014 list. Unfortunately, it was beaten down by the other seven episodes on the list. So probably this episode was on the number eight of The Most Memorable “2 Days and 1 Night” Episodes of 2014 list. The reason is because this special episodes have so many best moments in it. One of them was when the members put the hidden camera prank on Park Saeng Min (“Entertainment Weekly”’s reporter). The highlight was the ending when actress Park Shin Hye made an appearance as Morning Angel guest during the second part of the special episodes. From the way she woke up the members, the way the members reacted, the part when Defconn dubbed himself as “Kim Tan” of 2D1N (referring to Park’s current hit drama series back then, SBS’ “The Heirs”, where she portrayed a poor highschool girl named Cha Eun Sang; the character’s love interest was a boy named Kim Tan, who was portrayed by actor Lee Min Ho), until when the members escorted her back to her car, all were so entertaining!

The Wheel of Fortune (One Day Trip Special)

2D1N did an unusual trip for the One Day Trip Special episodes. Just like the title, the trip was lasted only one day and the members could go home at night, but that privilege was only applied to the team who won the final mission. The six members were divided into two teams of three; Jung Joon Young, Cha Tae Hyun, and Kim Jun Ho in one team (blue team); Kim Jong Min, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Defconn in the other team (red team). Tae Hyun and Jun Ho were so excited that they were in the same team with Joon Young, the icon of luck. They were so confident that they would win. However, they lost most of the games, making them had a bigger chance to sleep outdoor than the other team. There were a total of 16 slots on the wheel of fortune; blue team had 9 slots, red team had 6, and 1 slot for “everyone sleeps outdoor”. At the end of the fierce battle, the wheel of fortune was spinned, and guess what, among those possibilities, the wheel stopped on the red slot! As expected from the icon of luck, Joon Young’s team were exempted from punishment and they could go home early that day. What an amazing twist!

The Escape of Season 3: Ridiculous Hostage (Summer Heat Escape Trip Special)

Once upon the summer 2014, 2D1N members had a mind battle with the production team. It was during the Summer Heat Escape Trip Special episodes, when the members were plotting an escape from the crew, as a form of protest and dejection since they felt betrayed and tricked (the production team made the games were so impossible for them to win it over). At first, they just attempted to escape in order to fix the broken air conditioner of their car, but since they couldn’t find an open car repair shop, it turned out to a ridiculous hostage situation. The battle between members and production team is always a signature of 2D1N, and it is always so amusing to see that! Moreover, the members became one team and were united in this kind of battle, therefore it’s always interesting. Besides, in this special, we can see the maknae, Jung Joon Young’s first and biggest humiliation as the icon of luck to be the latest for going home and do the punishment all by himself.

The Maknae’s Flirting Time (Free Travel in Gunsan Special)

Gorgeous young actress, Shin Se Kyung, came as the Morning Angel guest during the second part of Free Travel in Gunsan Special episodes. Her appearance boosted up the mood of the members as it was already a long time since they last had a Morning Angel for the morning mission. Since Shin was like a younger sister for Kim Joo Hyuk (they’re working under the same artist management, Namoo Entertainment, and he had known her since she was in junior high school), the members, including Joo Hyuk himself and especially Kim Jun Ho and Cha Tae Hyun, teased her a lot. They were asking about Shin’s ideal type, and without waiting her answer, they offered their maknae, Jung Joon Young. Joon Young was unusually quiet at that time, making his older brother (hyung) members were suspicious that he was interested with Shin. However, it turned out that Shin was also having interest for Joon Young as well. Don’t know why but I was really pleased with their flirtatious behaviors toward each other. I personally think that they would make a great couple; so lovable! Addition to that, the acting game during breakfast also can’t be missed out; so hilarious!

The Ugly Truth (The Best Autumn Meal Special)

On The Best Autumn Meal Special episodes, the members were teamed up with two best chefs in Korea, Sam Kim and Raymond Kim, for a cooking dinner battle. It was during the second part of the special episodes when the Team Sam (consisted of Chef Sam, Kim Jun Ho, Cha Tae Hyun, and Defconn) took the lie detector challenge in order to gain some vegetables as their cooking ingredients. They had to answer all questions with the truth (so that the lie detector machine wouldn’t give them the electric shock) to win the game and gain the ingredients. The first question was for Jun Ho to answer: “During the filming in Gimje, did you poop your pants?” He said no, yet it turned out to be a lie! Gosh! Wait, it’s not over yet. Tae Hyun got this question: “In the next life, I will marry my current wife again.” He firmly said yes, and guess what? It turned out to be a lie too! Geez! Too ugly to be true, too funny to be rude.


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