7 Best Male Characters in K-Drama of 2014

From a rocker who turns into a farmer for living, until a senior police detective who seeks for a justice, the universe of K-Drama in 2014 has been being filled with many captivating male characters. As a female, it’s natural for me to be attracted to the male characters in a drama series. Not only when the character is portrayed by my favorite actor, but also when the character turns out to be so close with my ideal type of a man. It might be just a fictional drama series, and that man might be just a fictional character too, but sometimes their charm is just so hard to be resisted. They could make us laugh, cry, fluttered, thrilled, or even shout a little scream because of their attitudes and behaviors throughout the storyline.

Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Hong Ki in the SBS' 2014 drama series "Modern Farmer" - source: dramabeans.com

Therefore, in order to salute those mesmerizing male characters, I will make a list of The Best Male Characters in K-Drama of 2014 as the sixth post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014. I pick seven male characters, due to their personality, attitude and behavior toward people around them (especially the woman they love), and also the capability of the actors who portrayed the characters to bring them to life and captivate the audience’s hearts. So, it might be just my personal affection towards those characters, but I would like to share the affection with all of you. Please enjoy~

7. Han Ki Joon (Modern Farmer)

Kwak Dong Yeon as Han Ki Joon for "Modern Farmer" - source: sbs.co.kr

Starting the list on number seven, I have the supporting character from SBS’ currently airing romantic-comedy drama series “Modern Farmer”, Han Ki Joon. He’s portrayed by the handsome yet multi-talented young actor, Kwak Dong Yeon (have been falling in love with him since the first time I saw his acting in the 2013 KBS’ mini-drama series, “Adolescence Medley”). At the age of 18, Ki Joon was the youngest member (maknae) of a famous indie rock band called Excellent Souls, but the band was failed to make their way to debut in the major music industry. Therefore he had to bury his dream to become a famous and the greatest drummer in the country and focused more to his study (in which he’s not so good at). Until seven years later, when the leader and vocalist of the band, Lee Min Ki, offers Ki Joon to go along with him and the other members to a village named Hadurok, to farm cabbage in there, in order to make money for their album. Realizing that no matter where it would lead him to and how hard it would be, he feels happy whenever he’s around his band members, Ki Joon decides to go.

As the maknae of the group, Han Ki Joon might be the most childish of all, as his older brothers (hyung) always take a good care of and play along with him. However, as the story goes, we can see the growth of him. Although he’s just a supporting character, his role grabs a lot of attention from the viewers as he is one of the main mood-boosters in the series, especially with his love-line with Song Hwa Ran a.k.a Bul Ja. Though he resents Bul Ja at first, the way he falls for her later is sooo cute yet funny. Indeed he’s an immature young man who’s still in search of his path. The overturn happens when his mother visit Hadurok, we can see a total different side of him; that eventually the little boy has grown so much into a mature young man. Among his hyungs, he is the peace-maker, especially when Lee Min Ki and Kang Hyuk are going to fight it out with each other, Ki Joon always come in between to calm them down. My heart is indeed weak for the hard-working maknae like Ki Joon, perhaps that’s why I fall hard for this cute character.

6. Lee Min Suk (King of High School Life Conduct)

Seo In Guk as Lee Min Suk for "King of High School Life Conduct" - source: asianwiki.com

Lee Min Suk, the main character from the tvN’s romantic-comedy drama series, “King of High School Life Conduct”, is on number six of the list. The 18-year-old high-schooler is portrayed by the actor-singer Seo In Guk. There’s nothing special about Min Suk but he’s the ace of his school’s ice hockey team. One day, he has to act as his older brother, the 28-year-old Lee Hyung Suk, and replace him to go to work at Hyung Suk’s office. Though they’re siblings with a twin-like appearance, Min Suk and Hyung Suk have a very different personality. Therefore, Min Suk has to do his best in order to ‘become’ Hyung Suk. Thankfully, Min Suk is not alone. He gets some helps from Hyung Suk’s colleague, Kim Chang Soo and Jung Soo Young. And so Min Suk begins his life in two different worlds, as himself and as his older brother.

Lee Min Suk is the portrait of “being old is definite, being mature is a choice”. He might have a 18-year-old physic, but he definitely has a very mature heart and mind, more than any boy at his age. In life and love, he’s a responsible young man; a man of his words. Once he has decided on something, he would take all the risk and do everything to make that happens. He’s young and there are times when he’s acting like a brat, but he has reasons behind all of those actions. He’s spontaneous and spiritful attitude is the thing that attracts me so much. Moreover, the young boy got talent. He’s an ice hockey athlete. He might be not a genius, but he’s a very diligent young man, and a hard-worker above all. As a woman, if I found a young boy like him chasing over me, well, I might spend some times to think it over before reject him. Because in my opinion, even if he’s ten years younger than me, this kind of boy is worth to wait and fight for.

5. Gong Gi Tae (Marriage, Not Dating)

Yeon Woo Jin as Gong Gi Tae for "Marriage, Not Dating" - source: program.interest.me/tvn

Up on number five, I have the leading man from tvN’s romantic-comedy drama series, “Marriage, Not Dating”, Gong Gi Tae. Portrayed by Yeon Woo Jin, Gi Tae is a 30-year-old beauty surgeon who doesn’t have any intention of getting married. Meanwhile, his mother is the one who never tired of pushing him to get married. As the only son and children in the family, Gi Tae eventually has to fulfill his mother wish as well as not breaking his principle. So, he takes the middle way by making an agreement with a woman named Joo Jang Mi, to become his fake girlfriend, in order to prevent his mother from trying to make another engagement for him. However, everything turns into a complicated mess when he finds himself falling in love with Jang Mi for real. Moreover, his family –whom he guesses would never accept a woman like Jang Mi to be his girlfriend at first– gives a positive respond towards Jang Mi.

Gong Gi Tae might be a typical leading man in K-Dramas; a man who’s self-centered until a woman comes into his life and changes his perspective. However, everything is different by the way he handles his feeling. He’s not that self-centered at all. He seems like so because whenever he does something, he never explain to anybody else that he does that something for the sake of another person instead of himself. He became skeptical toward marriage thing because of family issue (his father cheats on his mother but his mother stays in the marriage while keeps getting hurt), but he doesn’t tell the mother that this is the real reason why he doesn’t want to get married, because he’s afraid that his mother would end up being hurt more. When it comes to love, he’s straightforward. He’s a man-of-action kind of man. Rather than expressing his feeling by lips-service, he would rather do something real for the woman he loves. And that’s my kind of man, because a man like this will speak up his feeling out loud so that he will never leave his girl in confusion.

4. Ki Dong Chan (God’s Gift – 14 Days)

Jo Seung Woo as Ki Dong Chan for "God's Gift - 14 Days" - source: sbs.co.kr

The lead male character from the SBS’ action-melodrama drama series “God’s Gift – 14 Days”, Ki Dong Chan, is on number five of the list. Portrayed by one of South Korea’s A-list actors, Jo Seung Woo, Dong Chan is a private detective who used to be a police detective, but was forced to resign after a tragedy regarding his family some years ago. One day, he finds himself goes back in time, exactly 14 days before a little girl named Han Saet Byul is found death after being kidnapped. He’s not the only one with the consciousness of being back in time, but also the little girl’s mother, Kim Soo Hyun. Dong Chan decides to help Soo Hyun to prevent Saet Byul’s death, after realizing that he might could save his older brother’s life too, who’s charged with a death penalty at the same day Saet Byul is found death.

A gorgeous smart-ass detective, well, I guess that’s strong enough to make me fall for Ki Dong Chan character in the beginning. As the story goes and the mystery reveals, I can’t help but find myself keep falling harder and harder for him. He’s kind-hearted yet hard-working; strong-headed yet full of sincerity. Once he sets his mind on something, he can do anything and effort everything. Moreover, he’s sooo good at fighting and shooting and every skill that every ideal man has to be good at. Once he sets his mind on someone, there’s nothing he won’t do, even if he has to sacrifice himself for the sake of that person. This kind of man is always got me so, in every way. Ki Dong Chan is a husband-material man, not just a boyfriend-material (though he will be the best boyfriend ever too). Moreover, he can play guitar so well, and good at singing too. Wow, what a complete package of an ideal man he is!

3. Jang Jae Yeol (It’s Okay, That’s Love)

Jo In Sung as Jang Jae Yeol for "It's Okay, That's Love" - source: asianwiki.com

Opening up the big three of the list, I have the main male character from SBS’ romantic-comedy drama series “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, Jang Jae Yeol on number three. He is portrayed by the one and only, gorgeous yet multi-talented actor, Jo In Sung. I’ve been a huge fan of Jo since middle school, that was when I saw his performance in the drama series “Memories of Bali” (2004). I’ve fallen in love with him all over again when I saw him in “That Winter, The Wind Blows” (2013). And now, he makes me fall so hard again for his portraying as Jang Jae Yeol in “It’s Okay, That’s Love”. Jae Yeol is a successful and famous author and radio DJ, not only for his remarkable works but also for his good looks. One day, the situation brings him to live under the same roof with three strangers; two psychiatrists and a young man who has a Tourette syndrome. Who knows, that his new life with those people will open up the foggy curtain that has been clouding his life all this time.

Jang Jae Yeol is one of a kind. It’s a character you never find before, at the same time, or even after “It’s Okay, That’s Love”. At first I thought that he was a typical K-Drama’s leading man, who is so self-absorb and later is going to change because he falls in love with the leading woman, but Jang Jae Yeol breaks all the boundaries. He has schizophrenia that comes from his traumatic childhood. Despite his unconsciousness of his illness, Jae Yeol is a passionate hard-worker, who reaches his position now with his own efforts and struggles. Instead of babbling to everyone about his hard childhood life and making them sympathize for him because of it, he burying deep his past and trying his best to give out a strong presence in front of everybody. In life and love, he’s straightforward; if he doesn’t like it he will say so, if he likes it he will say so, not the otherwise. If he doesn’t like it he won’t do it, if he likes it he will do it, so simple and without any intention to confuse anyone with his actions. People, mostly women, might would misinterpret his actions as rude and careless, but he just show the way he really is, and this is the thing that attracts me so. Because for a guy like this, once he falls for someone, he would fall really hard, just like the way I am.

2. Seo Pan Suk (You’re All Surrounded)

Cha Seung Won as Seo Pan Suk for "You're All Surrounded" - source: sbs.co.kr

The lead character from SBS’ action-comedy drama series “You’re All Surrounded”, Seo Pan Suk, is on the runner-up position of the list. This senior police detective of Gangnam Police Station is portrayed by the senior actor Cha Seung Won. Pan Suk becomes the team leader and has to teach and train four rookie young detectives in order to make them the best detectives just like he is. The problem occures when it turns out that one of his apprentices is the one who’s related with the only case he couldn’t solve eleven years ago. Besides, Pan Suk has to deal that he’s now working at the same office with his ex-wife –who’s also a police officer– and their divorce is also related to the same old case from eleven years ago.

Seo Pan Suk is a depiction of an ordinary salary man; the one who stands between his family and his job, between his responsibility and principle, between love and passion. That’s a common situation that happens to almost every man in this world, but the interesting thing about Pan Suk is the way he deals with that. He might make mistakes in the past, a lot, but he contemplates. He doesn’t run away from problems but faces them and does his best to make it up for every mistake he has made. He’s straightforward; and this point is a must-have from a gentleman. While Eun Dae Gu character is more like the shady one, Seo Pan Suk is a glass-like transparent character, and it’s a great thing to be had from a leader. Moreover, he’s a man of his words and he’s loyal to his principle. He’s a police officer, but he doesn’t corrupt. He even tends to work in the countryside to help the helpless rather than to work in the city and involve with corrupted politicians. He’s such a down-to-Earth man; bravo our team leader!

1. Lee Min Ki (Modern Farmer)

Lee Hong Ki as Lee Min Ki for "Modern Farmer" - source: sbs.co.kr

Finally, on this number one position, The Best Male Character in K-Drama of 2014 goes to the lead role of SBS’ romantic-comedy drama series “Modern Farmer”, Lee Min Ki! Portrayed by the actor-singer Lee Hong Ki, Min Ki is depicted as a 27-year-old rocker who turns into a farmer in order to make money for producing an album. That thing happens after seven years ago, when his band –called Excellent Souls– was at their prime as Hongdae’s indie rock band but they failed to debut in major music industry, the band started to shatter. And now, after his grandmother died and left him with a very large farming land in the countryside, he got the idea to start farming cabbage in order to make money, not only to produce an album, but also to pay off his debt to the loan shark. To make that happen, he gathers his band members all over again and moves to Hadurok village to become farmers.

Lee Min Ki might be a very childish yet too naive character to begin with, but just like an onion, as the story goes we could see many different sides of him; the hard-working and the mature ones. I could fall so hard to this kind of guy; a guy who’s hardworking and humorous at the same time. And I find that in Lee Min Ki. He’s such a cute yet funny (just look at the way he set up the mood for his friends and everyone around him when they look so down), he’s sensible (from the way he understand other people’s feelings and intentions), he’s hardworking and nothing could back him down when he has set his mind for something. He’s so loyal, and the most important is that he’s a kind of guy who would do anything for the one he truly cares about. Min Ki has the charm that could make everyone feels comfortable around him. Although sometimes he may looks too easy-going on the outside, he actually cares so much inside. Moreover, he has a baby-face, his talking and singing voice is to die for, and he can play guitar really well (thanks to the director who chose Lee Hong Ki as the actor). Well, I always fall so hard for a man who can play guitar! ^^


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