7 Best K-Drama Soundtracks of 2014

Theme songs; are things that can’t be left out when we talk about movies. Music is playing a significant role in motion picture production. As well as in the drama series, where soundtracks are taking an important supporting factor for both the content (storyline) and the promotional (popularity) aspects. From keeping my eyes for K-Drama universe throughout these years, one thing for sure that I get is that every prominent drama series must have at least one memorable soundtrack hits; one representative track that could make people remind of the drama series whenever they hear the song. For some cases, even the soundtrack gets more popular than the drama series itself.

Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn in "Just One Day" official music video

During 2014, many great songs were born in K-Drama land for the sake of the drama series that had been produced. From the exciting cheerful songs until the heart-wrenching melancholic songs, they’ve been the main power to set up the mood throughout the drama series. Among those soundtracks, I pick seven songs as The Best K-Drama Soundtracks of 2014, and the list will be the 8th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014. This list is basically based on my personal preferences. You may agree or not agree, but this list is just for entertainment purpose, as well as the way I share my thoughts with all of you. So, here we go~

7. Park Shi Hwan – The Way We Loved (그때 우리 사랑은) (OST. Emergency Couple)

As the starter of the list, here on number seven, I have a track titled “The Way We Loved (그때 우리 사랑은)” from the tvN’s romantic-comedy medical drama series, “Emergency Couple”. The pop rock song is performed by the survival singing talent music program, Superstar K5’s runner-up, Park Shi Hwan. The dynamic tempo song was released as a single “Emergency Couple OST Part 3” on February 21st 2014. It was the first time for Park singing a soundtrack for drama series, yet he got a very suitable song that went well with his mesmerizing husky voice. This song has the power to boost up my mood. Moreover, the lyrics went well with the drama storyline; about a man who asks for his ex-lover to get back together and start their relationship all over again. Love is not over yet, that’s the way we loved!

6. Yoo Sung Eun & GB9 – I Really Love You (정말 사랑합니다) (OST. Cunning Single Lady)

Next, on number six I have a beautiful collaboration between rookie female soloist, Yoo Sung Eun, with male vocal duo, GB9, for the MBC’s romantic-comedy drama series, “Cunning Single Lady”. The male-female vocals duet sang a ballad song titled “I Really Love You (정말 사랑합니다)”, which was released on April 9th 2014 as a single “Cunning Single Lady OST Part 5”. Yoo’s melancholy vocal went well with the duo’s voices of GB9, Kang Gil Gu and Lee Bong Gu. Their great collaboration made this heartwrenching ballad song has the power to make everyone feels the beautiful pain of love. The song represented the sad part of the romantic-comedy story and successfully depicted the melancholic side of the drama storyline; as the lyrics told about two people who deeply in love with each other, despite the situation that makes it hard for them to be together. When it feels that love is worth the pain, that’s when I know I really love you.

5. Jung Joon Il – I’m Sorry (미안해) (OST. Witch’s Romance)

Up on number five, here I have a song titled “I’m Sorry (미안해)”, performed by male vocalist Jung Joon Il for the tvN’s romantic-comedy drama series, “Witch’s Romance”. Jung is a vocalist and keyboardist of an indie Korean band, Mate. The ballad song was released as a single “Witch’s Romance OST Part 2” on May 9th 2014. The song showcased Jung’s deep voice that went well with the melancholic melody of the song. The song lyrics expressed the sad part of the romantic-comedy drama series storyline very well; about a man who feels sorry for the woman he loves as there are many things he can’t do for her. He feels somewhat desperation , sad, and anger because he can’t make the woman he loves to stay beside him; yet somehow the feeling still lingers because of the confession that was being left unsaid. Sorry seems to be the hardest word, but it’s not love if it’s not hard.

4. Lee Seung Chul – I’m In Love (사랑하나 ) (OST. You’re All Surrounded)

One of the senior and legendary Korean singer, Lee Seung Chul, is on number four of the list with the song he sang for the SBS’ action-comedy drama series, “You’re All Surrounded”. The song titled “I’m In Love (사랑하나 )” was actually a remake of a same-titled song by JYJ’s Junsu (but Junsu’s version didn’t become very popular because it wasn’t made as the lead single of his album). Since the composer of the song is Lee’s bestfriend, he agreed to remake the song for the drama series. The pop R n’ B song was released on June 5th 2014 as a single “You’re All Surrounded OST Part 3”. Actually there was also a ballad version of this song that had been released later, but I prefer the original ones with the R n’ B arrangement. The song lyrics depicted a man who realizes that he still in love with his ex-lover even though he denied it at first, making it went well with the drama storyline. When I realize that I can’t deny it, that’s when I know that I’m in love, still.

3. Jung Joon Young – Same Place (같은 자리) (OST. Modern Farmer)

Opening up the big three of the list, I have the latest single from my favorite Korean young rocker, Jung Joon Young, on number three. The handsome rocker sang a song titled “Same Place (같은 자리)” for the SBS’ currently airing romantic-comedy family drama series, “Modern Farmer”. The rock ballad track was released on December 5th 2014 as the single “Modern Farmer OST Part 4”. Some parts of the song could be heard since the 8th episode of the series, and since then, I had been waiting and waiting for the full song to be released. And finally my dream came true in the beginning of this month by the release of the long-awaited single. Truth to be told, that was the first time in my life I kept on waiting for a soundtrack to be released. Indeed, only Jung could do that to me; playing with my heart up and down like that (geez!). Told about a man who wonders when he could be at the same place with the woman he loves, the song lyrics depicted the love story between the main characters in the drama series. No matter how far two people are separated, as long as their hearts are at the same place, there’s love.

2. Son Ho Young & Danny Ahn – Just One Day (하루만) (OST. Marriage, Not Dating)

On the runner-up position, here I have the main vocalist and lead rapper of the recently-reunited Korean senior boy group, g.o.d, Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn. The two collaborated in a ballad R n’ B song titled “Just One Day (하루만)” for the tvN’s romantic-comedy drama series, “Marriage, Not Dating”. There are two versions of the song; the first one is the original, it was released on August 1st 2014 as the single “Marriage, Not Dating OST Part 3”; and the second one is the Son’s solo version which was included in “Marriage, Not Dating OST” album that was released on August 29th 2014. At first, I was sooo addicted to the solo version (which is all ballad without Ahn’s rap part), but recently I was sooo in love with the original one because it was available at the karaoke place in my town (haha!). The song represented the sad part of the love story in the drama series, as it told about a man who keeps an unrequited love towards the woman he loves; realizing that she’s irreplaceable yet he can do nothing about that. When it comes to love, even just one day with the one we love is so precious.

1. Chen – Best Luck (최고의 행운) (OST. It’s Okay, That’s Love)

Last but the best, on the number one position, The Best K-Drama Soundtrack of 2014 goes to a song performed by EXO’s Chen for the SBS’ romantic-comedy drama series, “It’s Okay, That’s Love”. The song titled “Best Luck (최고의 행운)” (the English title is also known as “The Greatest Luck”) was released on July 23rd 2014 as the single “It’s Okay, That’s Love OST Part 1”. Yup, it was the first track served for the series, and also the first attempt for Chen lending his voice for soundtrack. His sweet high-pitched voice went well with the beautiful heart-warming melody of the song. Everytime I hear this song, I feel so peaceful. It feels like floating up in the air whenever I hear it; feels like happily falling in love. Until this moment, I never get bored listening to it. It’s so addictive! The pop ballad song with medium tempo has the power to set the lovely and happy mood in the drama series, as the lyrics told about a man who falls in love truly, madly, deeply, as if he has found the greatest luck in the world by meeting that woman and having her in his life. In the end, love is the best luck, the greatest of all lucks indeed, that every human can get.


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