7 Best Female Characters in K-Drama of 2014

Female characters in K-Drama universe used to be depicted as a cheerful yet melancholic character. Sadly, sometimes they get overshadowed by the male characters. But that’s just how they used to be. Nowadays, many K-Dramas depict their female characters in a more sophisticated way, which is great by the way. Sometimes they’re cheerful yet strong. They still have the melancholic side and hurtful past but that’s what make them as strong as what they are now. I’ve been learning a lot from some female characters in K-Drama. Some of them even inspire me on how I should react in a certain situation and how I should behave toward a certain kind of people. Therefore, as the 10th post for 2014 Review: The Best and The Most of 2014, I will make a list of The Best Female Characters in K-Drama of 2014. A total of seven characters will be on this list, and I pick them purely based on my personal preferences, with some considerations like: the character’s personality, attitude, and behaviour, plus the capability of the actress to portray the character itself. Truth to be told, I’m especially picky for this list, because I’m a woman myself, so the characters must be inspiring for me personally (and not annoying at all!). Well, enough said, let’s go to the list.

7. Kang Yoon Hee (Modern Farmer)

Lee Ha Nui as Kang Yoon Hee for "Modern Farmer" - source: program.sbs.co.kr

Starting the list on number seven, I have the lead female character from the currently airing SBS’ family drama series, “Modern Farmer”, Kang Yoon Hee. Portrayed by the former Miss Korea, Lee Ha Nui (also known as Honey Lee), Yoon Hee is the female Head of Hadurok Village, her hometown as well as the main location where the storyline takes place. She is the first and the youngest female Head of Village. What a girl power (I really love this kind of thing where a woman is the leader)! She was Lee Min Ki’s first love, and she looked after him when they were kids as she’s three years older than him. But who knows that after all these years, Min Ki would come back to Hadurok and cause some troubles to Yoon Hee? Even so, things are different now. Beside the fact that she is the Head of Village, she is now a single mother with a son.
For some people, the Head of Village position perhaps is just a duty. But for Kang Yoon Hee, that duty is her life. Being a single mother without a husband, Yoon Hee was being casted outside of the villagers. Besides, she had given up her youth and dream to take care of his half younger brother after their parents died in a car accident. Becoming the Head of Village was a sign of acknowledgement by the villagers toward her hard works, that finally she could gain respect from them. Therefore, the duty is more than just a duty for her. Yoon Hee is a portrayal of a real strong woman; a woman who stands on their own feet without depending on a man. She’s aware of a fact that her son, Min Ho, needs a figure of father, but she tries her best to fulfill both figures; that’s when Lee Min Ki comes into the picture and slowly opens up her frozen heart. Before a Head of Village, she’s a mother. Before a mother, she’s a woman. She knows very well that she needs a man, but she doesn’t show her need in a desperate way. That’s why I love this character so much; independent yet so honest and rational.

6. Ji Hae Soo (It’s Okay, That’s Love)

Gong Hyo Jin as Ji Hae Soo for "It's Okay, That's Love" - source: asianwiki.com

Moving up to number six, I have the lead female character of SBS’ romantic-comedy drama series, “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, Ji Hae Soo. Portrayed by the Queen of romantic comedy, Gong Hyo Jin, Hae Soo is a psychiatrist who rents a house and lives together under a roof with two men –her psychiatrist mentor and his patient; a young man who has Tourette syndrome–. Though she’s a psychiatrist, she has a trauma from her childhood that makes her has a skinship syndrome. This syndrome makes her unable to initiate a skinship with men, especially the one she really likes. But everything changes when a man named Jang Jae Yeol comes into her life. He’s a famous and successful author and radio DJ, as well as the owner of the house that Hae Soo lives in right now. A certain situation makes Jae Yeol has to stay in that house too, and that’s when the story begins between them.
Psychiatrist is also human, and no human is perfect, so is Ji Hae Soo. She has her own flaws and scars, which make her a truly human being; a truly woman being. She’s not like any fragile and doll-like female characters from other series; and that’s what I love the most of Hae Soo. Her scarred heart turns her into a strong and determined woman. She might turn up a bit cold but that’s just her charm. The way she handles her feeling towards Jang Jae Yeol and the way she behaves around him make me think how could a woman be so cool like her?! Moreover, Gong Hyo Jin did a very great job portraying Hae Soo! I never like Gong as a personal, but she always has the power to make me fall in love with every character she plays; it shows her quality as an actress. From the easy-going, warm, and brutally honest Hae Soo’s personality, until her effortless yet unique fashion style, all is adorably inspiring.

5. Choi Chun Hee (Trot Lovers)

Jung Eunji as Choi Chun Hee for "Trot Lovers" - source: koreandrama.org

Up on number five is Choi Chun Hee, the lead female character from the KBS’ musical series, “Trot Lovers”, who is portrayed by Jung Eunji, a member of idol girl group, Apink. Unlike any other idol-turned-actress, who are aiming for those cutie-pie or sweet-mellow characters, Jung has challenged herself to play characters with statement. That’s why I adore her so much. Everytime I watch her in a series, she has the ability to make me forget at all the fact that she is an idol. “Trot Lovers” was her second drama series after the tvN’s big hits, “Reply 1997” (2012). Here she portrayed a young girl named Choi Chun Hee, who never have a dream to become a singer like her late mother, until she meets Jang Joon Hyun, a famous singer. A certain situation pushes Joon Hyun to train Chun Hee and make her a singer. However, instead of pop music, she can only sing trot music; but that’s only the beginning of their journey of life and love.
As I’ve mentioned before, though being portrayed by an idol-turned-actress, Choi Chun Hee is far from a doll-like female character that we used to find in a drama series. Her mother died when she was at a very young age, and she had to take care of her baby sister while her father worked. She grew up helping her father to support the family by taking many part-time jobs. She even didn’t have the chance to go to college because of financial issue. Until one day, her father left her and her little sister because of debts. Then the life-changing moment comes when Jang Joon Hyun steps into her life. She decides to try hard to become a successful and famous singer; to support her family and to make her father comes back. Chun Hee is probably the most hard-working young woman in a drama series that I’ve watched so far. And that’s what makes her so adorable. Her tough and hard childhood has made her into a strong and brave young woman. She doesn’t back down when her competitors and seniors scold her; she fights back instead (gosh I love this kind of things so much!). Moreover, she’s so mature and responsible; salute!

4. Oh Jin Hee (Emergency Couple)

Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee for "Emergency Couple" - source: asianwiki.com

Next up on number four, here is the lead female character from the tvN’s medical drama series, “Emergency Couple”, Oh Jin Hee. The internship doctor is portrayed by our one and only Song Ji Hyo. Jin Hee got married to her boyfriend, Oh Chang Min, while they were so young and crazily in love, though their marriage was rejected by his family because they came from a very different family background. However, their marriage life ran in just a short of time. They got into a lot of arguments and finally got divorced. Chang Min went back to his family while Jin Hee continued her study in medical and thank to her hard work, she graduated and became a doctor. After a long hardship, Jin Hee finally is accepted in a hospital as an intern. That’s when the fate meets her up with Chang Min again, after all of those years; they’re both internship doctors in the same hospital, in the same team. Who knows, that it’s an another beginning for them.
A doctor friend of mine once said that; to be a good doctor, a person doesn’t need to be genius or brilliant, but diligent and hard-working are a must. Oh Jin Hee is the depiction of a real diligent and hard-working woman. She might be not as genius or as brilliant as any other doctors, but she’s definitely the most diligent and hard-working ones. She climbs up and reaches her place now by her own efforts, even after being dumped in an awful divorce. She uses the pain as a motivation to become a better person and do the best in every way. In the end, she could prove to her ex-husband that she’s not a good-for-nothing woman (well well well, what a sweet revenge, right? I love this kind of thing so much!). Oh Jin Hee is a living character who proves that women are deserved to have the same rights and chances as men in terms of education and job. I really love the way she doesn’t back down easily even when people are underestimating her. In love, she’s straightforward. She says what she feels, she does what she wants, and she never does the opposite; that’s so much like me! And I know it so well that a woman like this will stick for so long once she falls in love with someone; just like what Jin Hee does.

3. Joo Jang Mi (Marriage, Not Dating)

Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi for "Marriage, Not Dating" - source: asianwiki.com

Opening up the big three of the list, I have the lead female character from the tvN’s romantic-comedy drama series, “Marriage, Not Dating”, Joo Jang Mi. Portrayed by the rising Princess of romantic comedy, Han Groo, Jang Mi is a woman in her late 20s who desperately wants to get married. Unfortunately, she has always met a man who didn’t have any intention to commit in a marriage bound. Yet Jang Mi doesn’t lose her confidence and optimism to find the Mr. Right. Until one day, she finds out that her current boyfriend is just another Mr. Right-now who backs away and cowardly dumps her after he realizes Jang Mi’s intention to get married. However, that’s when she meets Gong Gi Tae, her ex-boyfriend’s bestfriend. When a door is closed, another door is opened. Who knows, that Gi Tae is the one she’s been waiting for all this time.
Joo Jang Mi has her own reason to be a woman who wants to get married quickly. She’s not a dependent immature young woman who wants something because of some kind of desperate situations. She makes her goal based on her own principal and decision. Besides of her age, as an only child of the family, she wants to get married in order to have her own little family. It’s not like she’s afraid of loneliness but because she doesn’t want to be alone. It’s not like she can’t live alone but because she doesn’t like to live all by herself. She fights for what she thinks is right and once she has her reason, she will fight for it until the end, even though in the process she has to sacrifice and gives her all. That’s why I love this character so much. She’s independent yet having so much care for people she truly cares about. She’s strong yet doesn’t intimidate people around her. When she falls for someone, she falls hard and doesn’t back down just because of some hurdles she finds in the way. And perhaps, the main reason why I root for Jang Mi is because I feel like I see a little bit of me in herself.

2. Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)

Uhm Jung Hwa as Ban Ji Yeon for "Witch's Romance" - source: koreandrama.org

Here I have the lead female character from the tvN’s romantic-comedy drama series, “Witch’s Romance”, Ban Ji Yeon, on the runner-up position. The senior reporter of an infotainment magazine is portrayed by singer-turned-actress Uhm Jung Hwa. She’s a single woman in her late 30s who doesn’t have any intention to get married, after her previous engagement was a fail before because of her fiance who didn’t show up on the day of their wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, her mother keeps pushing her to get married as soon as possible. Even so, she doesn’t bother by it, even when her colleagues are making fun of her because of her single status. Instead, she’s so passionate about her job, which makes her got the “witch” title from her colleagues. That’s until she meets Yoon Dong Ha, a young man who’s 14 years younger than her, yet eventually turns out to be the one who could make her falls in love again, after all those years.
Ban Ji Yeon is a real depiction of a single woman who’s independent, strong, and standing on her own feet to make a living; a woman on top! She brings the spirit that being single is a choice for a woman, instead of a pitiful situation brought by fate. Getting married isn’t a limitation caused by age or surrounding, but a decision we make when we’re ready with all the consequences. I love the way Ji Yeon decides everything not by what people say about it, but by what she thinks about it and how it will affect her life in the future. She’s a real tough woman who’s happen to be open-minded at the same time. There’s no limit for her when it comes to her job. She would bravely take every risk in order to make the best and the most credible news for her magazine. When it comes to love, she’s not timid. Even though her hurtful past has become her Achilles heel, Ji Yeon tries her best to overcome it and doesn’t lose her confidence to start anew, despite how hard and difficult it must be for her. In terms of love and relationship, I could feel related to her, perhaps that’s why I adore this character so much for the many similarities.

1. Oh Soo Sun (You’re All Surrounded)

Go Ara as Oh Soo Sun for "You're All Surrounded" - source: koreandrama.org

And finally on this number one position, The Best Female Character in K-Drama of 2014 goes to the lead female character from the SBS’ action-comedy drama series, “You’re All Surrounded”, Oh Soo Sun. Portrayed by the gorgeous actress, Go Ara, Soo Sun is a young woman in her early 20s who’s in search of her self identity and in pursuit of her life purpose. She joins as a rookie detective in Gangnam Police Station, where she meets her fellow rookie detective, a mysterious young man named Eun Dae Gu who becomes her partner afterward, only to find out that Dae Gu is actually her adolescence friend who’s happen to be her first love, Kim Ji Yong. Soo Sun is the only female in the new recruited police detectives team but she never loses her courage and confidence to keep it up with the men; such a true girl power!
First of all, I root for Oh Soo Sun character because she’s at the same age with me; an age where a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman makes decisions which will lead her to what she will become in the future. A prime time of youth when she chooses a path she will walk on and be mature along the way. In love and life, Soo Sun is a persistent lady. She’s cheerful and her appearance could bright up the mood of people around her. She has the power to spread her optimism towards them. Especially when she falls for someone, she’s a kind of person who won’t back down easily when that man ignores her feeling. She will try her best to grab his heart without being too much lingering or demanding or annoying; that’s my kind of woman! If I were a man, I would definitely like this kind of woman to be my woman. As I am a woman, I would keep a woman like her to be my bestfriend forever (haha~). For her, in love and life, it’s all or nothing.


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