It's Gonna Rain!

Footsteps are lightly taken, but they’re hurrying anyway. The thunder sounds like a lion’s roar, prompting a dispersion; what’s going on? That’s right, the rain is coming.” –Bonnie Pink, It’s Gonna Rain! [translated lyrics]

For the generation who was born around 1990, “Rurouni Kenshin” –also known as “Samurai X”– was one anime that became almost everyone’s favorite in the late 90s, including me. It has many theme songs that are memorable, and one of the most memorable is a track titled “It’s Gonna Rain!”, performed by the famous Japanese female singer-songwriter, Kaori Asada, who’s better known with her stage name, Bonnie Pink. This song was used as the fifth ending theme song for “Rurouni Kenshin”. I remember that time was during my favorite episodes when Kenshin had to face his biggest and the most infamous enemy, Makoto Shishio. The sweet and addictive melody make this song one of a few Japanese songs that I cherish.
I have to confess that I was pondering for a while to understand the meaning of its lyrics. It’s not that the lyrics are hard to understand, but it’s rather because it’s quite poetical. The more I read the lyrics, its meaning is actually quite simple though; it’s about a girl in anxiety whether her beloved one will come to meet her, because it’s going to rain. “Footsteps are lightly taken, but they’re hurrying anyway. The thunder sounds like a lion’s roar, prompting a dispersion; what’s going on? That’s right, the rain is coming. I really hate the rain. I wanted to stay here a little longer. In an instant when the pleasant sensation has changed, when the lion makes me hurry, it’s obvious. No! Annoying, it’s gonna rain!” If the boy didn’t come, then it’s going to rain inside her heart. “As for calls from him, nothing, and lessons from the rain too, nothing. If my mind would change, like the weather in England, that would be a relief, but it’s the opposite; it’s gonna rain!”
Rain itself is a magician, stronger than anyone. It could change the weather in an instant. Besides using it as its literal meaning, Bonnie Pink used the term “rain” to express both the happiness and the sadness that comes from love. It comes and disappears suddenly, just like the rain. “Has  the rain erased his alibi? Has he already forgotten? Is this all the two of us will become? Let’s make all of this is the rain’s fault.” Rain is a magical thing, indeed. It has the power to make two destined people meet. However, it also has the power to separate them in an instant. Just like love. Everything starts because of the rain, and everything also ends because of it. When everything is over, that’s when the rain starts falling in the heart. “The rain has made my fever return, but he also suddenly remembers me. The two of us are guided to here now, it’s all the rain’s fault, no, thanks to it. The rain calls people and makes them disappear, a magician stronger than anyone. The two of us have merely been fooling each other, and didn’t everything start in the rain? It’s gonna rain!”
“It’s Gonna Rain!” is a part of Bonnie Pink’s second studio album, “Heaven’s Kitchen” that was released on May 16th 1997. It was later released as the sixth single from this album on June 18th 1997. Written by Pink herself and produced by Tore Johansson, the song became popular world-widely because of “Rurouni Kenshin”. This addictive ear-catchy and easy-listening pop song contains a touch of ska sounds with medium tempo. “It’s Gonna Rain!” had successfully caught my attention since the first time I heard it. Hearing this song could light up your gloomy rainy day and it’s definitely a classic.

The rain calls people and makes them disappear, a magician stronger than anyone. The two of us have merely been fooling each other, and didn’t everything start in the rain? It’s gonna rain!” –Bonnie Pink, It’s Gonna Rain! [translated lyrics]

“Ashidori mo karukushite chao chao torumono mo toriaezu chao chao
(Footsteps are lightly taken, chao chao, but they’re hurrying anyway, chao chao)
Raion ga unaru mitai no raimei ga taisan wo unagashite iru dou naru no?
(The thunder sounds like a lion’s roar, prompting a dispersion, what’s going on?)
Sou mou sugu ame
(That’s right, the rain is coming)
Dai kirai ame nanka chao chao mou sukoshi itai noni chao chao
(I really hate the rain, chao chao, I wanted to stay here a little longer, chao chao)
Kaikan ga kaisan ni kawaru shunkan wo raion ga isogaseta no wa meihaku
(In an instant when the pleasant sensation has changed, when the lion makes me hurry, it’s obvious)
No! Meiwaku, it’s gonna rain!
(No! Annoying, it’s gonna rain!)

Ame wa mou aribai wo kesu no? Kare wa mou wasurete shimau no?
(Has the rain erased his alibi? Has he already forgotten?)
Futari wa mou korekiri ni naru no? Subete wa ame no seitte koto ni shite okou
(Is this all the two of us will become? Let’s make all of this is the rain’s fault)

Kare kara no renraku wa nothing nothing ame ni yoru kyoukun mo nothing nothing
(As for calls from him, nothing nothing, and lessons from the rain too, nothing nothing)
Kanjou mo igirisu no tenki mitai ni utsurigi dattara totemo raku nanoni
(If my mind would change, like the weather in England, that would be a relief)
Gyaku na no, it’s gonna rain!
(But it’s the opposite, it’s gonna rain!)

Ame ga netsu wo yomigaeraseta kare mo futo watashi wo omoidashita
(The rain has made my fever return, but he also suddenly remembers me)
Futari wa ima koko ni michibikareta subete wa ame no sei, uun, okage na no
(The two of us are guided to here now, it’s all the rain’s fault, no, thanks to it)
Ame wa hito wo yondari keshitari dare yori mo tegowai majishan ne
(The rain calls people and makes them disappear, a magician stronger than anyone)
Futari wa itsumo damasarete bakari subete wa ame de hajimarun deshou
(The two of us have merely been fooling each other, and didn’t everything start in the rain?)
It’s gonna rain!”


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  1. I loved your interpretation about this song! Actually, it really impressed me. I never stopped to think the rain could make two people meet, but now it's so obvious! Thanks! Rurouni Kenshin was awesome on late 90's! I miss it so much!!

    Bye, Mashita!

    1. Hi Jorge!

      Thanks for the comment. I'm glad it impressed you.


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  3. I seek for the meaning of this song my entire life! Now I found!

    A deep reflection about the lyrics! Makes wonder about ordinary daily meetings that could change our lives.
    Thank you!

  4. Your interpretation is brilliant and beautiful. Bonnie pink would praise you. Ive been watching samurai x as a child growing up it was my fav . The rain could also be seen as fate in my view.Cheers !