7 Most Memorable Rain Scenes in Korean Drama Series

Rain, is indeed a magical thing. In the universe of Korean drama series, rain often plays an essential role in order to bring up certain emotional atmospheres in the scene. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s happy, but one thing for sure; it’s always dramatically romantic. Here, I will try to capture seven most memorable rain scenes in Korean drama series that I’ve watched so far. These scenes are picked purely based on my personal favour and interest, and also, these scenes are the most memorable ones for me personally. So, no need to say more, just enjoy my list of seven most memorable rain scenes in Korean drama series. And I hope you can fall in love with these scenes as much as I do.

7. “Master’s Sun” (SBS – 2013) – Tae Gong Shil and Joo Jung Won’s First Meeting
Starting the list, I have Tae Gong Shil and Joo Jung Won’s First Meeting scene on number seven. Taken from the pilot episode of 2013 Korean drama series, “Master’s Sun”, it’s the scene when the two main characters first meet in the story. Tae Gong Shil (portrayed by Gong Hyo Jin) is soaked in the rain in the middle of a night wearing a white raincoat, when she suddenly bumps into a car rode by Joo Jung Won (portrayed by So Ji Sub). She then gets on the car and sits by Jung Won, only to find an interesting thing; that when she touched him, ghosts around her is gone (FYI, Gong Shil is a woman with sixth sense ability in which she can see ghosts and communicate with them). Why is this scene memorable? Besides the fact that this scene is funny yet a little bit of scary, this is a quite dramatic first meeting scene. And the rain here plays a role as a matchmaker; that if it’s not for the rain, they won’t be able to meet at all. You can read more about “Master’s Sun” review in here.

6. “The Innocent Man” (KBS – 2012) – Seo Eun Gi’s Love Confession

Moving up to number six, I have Seo Eun Gi’s Love Confession scene from the KBS melodrama “The Innocent Man” (also known as “Nice Guy”). It was the last actor Song Joong Ki’s drama series before he enlisted to the military duty back on the late 2013. This scene is taken from the 7th episode, when Seo Eun Gi (portrayed by Moon Chae Won) confesses her true feeling towards Kang Ma Ru (portrayed by Song Joong Ki) during a hard rainy night, right after Ma Ru has been beaten up by some evil people. So there they are standing, outside Ma Ru’s house, both are soaked in the rain, Ma Ru with his badly injured face and Eun Gi with her super-pale face; Eun Gi confesses her love to Ma Ru. Why is this scene memorable? Well, in real life, it’s bad idea to confess your feeling towards someone you love in this condition, right? Moreover, for women, we want to be looked pretty in front of someone we love. But in this scene, Eun Gi goes all out. From that, I can feel her sincerity; that she is able to take off any attribute (make up and looking all pretty and some sort of those kind of things) only for the sake of Ma Ru knows and understands her feeling towards him. You can read more about “The Innocent Man” review in here.

5. “Missing You” (MBC – 2012) – Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon’s Playground Scene

On number five, I have Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon’s Playground Scene from the 2012 melodrama, “Missing You” (also known as “I Miss You”). This scene is taken from the 1st episode, when the two main characters are having their first introduction and conversation with each other. The teenage Han Jung Woo (portrayed by Yeo Jin Goo) is wandering in the middle of a night when he can’t sleep. He then comes to a playground and finds the teenage Lee Soo Yeon (portrayed by Kim So Hyun) is mindlessly swaying back and forth on a swing. And then the rain falls. Instead of joining Jung Woo who hides under the slide, Soo Yeon is sprinting to her home to take an umbrella, just to give it out to Jung Woo so that the boy won’t get wet, doesn’t care about getting wet herself. Actually there are plenty dramatic rain scenes in this drama series, but why do I particulary choose this scene? Although it may look cold, this scene is so heartwarming for me. Soo Yeon’s pure sincerity just left me so touched and indeed it’s a beautiful beginning of a tragic story about true love. You can read more about “Missing You” review in here.

4. “Heartstrings” (MBC – 2011) – Lee Gyu Won and Lee Shin’s Music Store Scene

Lee Gyu Won and Lee Shin reach their hands out to catch raindrops - source: dramabeans.com

I have Lee Gyu Won and Lee Shin’s Music Store Scene on number four of this list. It’s taken from the 6th episode of 2011 musical drama series, “Heartstrings” (also known as “You’ve Fallen For Me”). It’s raining and Lee Shin (portrayed by Jung Yong Hwa) is walking down the street in the pouring rain, after having his heart broken by his first love. He is followed by his friend, Lee Gyu Won (portrayed by Park Shin Hye), who constantly yells at him about how pathetic he is right now. When all the frustrations and angers subside, and they night comes, they both stand in front of a closed music store, standing apart next to each other while waiting out the rain. This scene is very simple, but I choose it anyway. Why? It’s simple yet romantic, because of the silent moment they share between them as they reach their hands out to catch raindrops. Moreover, that’s the beginning of Gyu Won and Shin’s love relationship. You can read more about “Heartstrings” review in here.

3. “Love Rain” (KBS – 2012) – Seo In Ha’s Broken Umbrella

As we enter the top three of this list, I have the most infamous rain-themed drama series, “Love Rain”. Of course, there are sooo many rainy-lovey scenes in this series, but I particularly love this one scene: Seo In Ha’s Broken Umbrella. It’s taken from the pilot episode, which is setting in 1970s, when the young Seo In Ha (portrayed by Jang Geun Suk) and the young Kim Yoon Hee (portrayed by Im Yoona) are getting stuck in front of their campus building without an umbrella on a rainy day. In Ha then rushes inside the campus building to take an umbrella for her, only to find that the umbrella is broken. He doesn’t want her to get wet, so In Ha holds the umbrella with his hand in order to keep Yoon Hee’s body from getting wet, but he’s getting all the rain-soaking instead. They walk along, and that’s when the love blossoms. This scene is so fluttering. Indeed, it feels so sweet to fall in love on a rainy day, and this scene brings this warm fuzzy feeling inside. You can read more about “Love Rain” review in here.

2. “Adolescence Medley” (KBS – 2013) – Choi Jung Woo’s Serenade

On the runner-up position I have Choi Jung Woo’s Serenade scene from the 2013 KBS Special Drama “Adolescence Medley” (also known as “Puberty Medley”). This scene is taken from the 2nd episode of this mini-drama series, when the teenage Choi Jung Woo (portrayed by Kwak Dong Yeon) is walking home together with his girlfriend, Yang Ah Young (portrayed by Lee Se Young), after their school hour is over. It’s raining and they walk in two separated umbrellas. Ah Young then asks Jung Woo to sing the song that he’s practicing for the singing competition, Korea Sings. He hesitates at first but then sings it anyway for her. The song is titled “Being Forgotten (잊혀지는 )”, performed by the late Kim Kwang Seok. This song somehow reminds Ah Young of her late older brother who passed away last year, but she hides her tears from Jung Woo under her umbrella. After asking him to change the song that he’s going to perform for the contest, Ah Young smiles at him, wraps up her own umbrella, and runs under Jung Woo’s. Well, what more can I say, for me, this scene is epicly romantic; heartwarming yet sweet. I haven’t reviewed “Adolescence Medley” yet (I will, soon), but this 4-episodes mini-drama can be watched in KBS World’s official Youtube channel, along with the English subtitles of course.

1. “Big” (KBS – 2012) – Gil Da Ran and Kang Kyung Joon’s Umbrella Scene

Finally, we reach the number one spot on the list, and on this first position I have the epic first meeting scene between the two main characters of “Big”, Gil Da Ran and Kang Kyung Joon’s Umbrella Scene. It’s taken from the pilot episode of “Big”, when the 17 years old Kang Kyung Joon (portrayed by Shin Won Ho) meets her school teacher, Gil Da Ran (portrayed by Lee Min Jung), for the first time, not knowing that they’re destined to be together. Kyung Joon and Da Ran are riding the same bus to the school, but they’re not acknowledging each other because Kyung Joon has just moved from abroad. Da Ran is in a happy mood because she’s soon getting married to her fiance, while Kyung Joon constantly take a look at her because of her cute and sweet gestures of being excited. When they arrive at the bus station, it’s raining. Da Ran takes off first from the bus, holding her umbrella. Kyung Joon follows her as he calls her to stop and holds her hand on the umbrella. Da Ran misunderstands that Kyung Joon follows her because he’s interested in her. After Da Ran finishes her blabbering, Kyung Joon nonchalantly says that Da Ran is now holding his umbrella, indirectly explains why he follows her. Embarassed but Da Ran has no other choice than scuttle along with him to avoid getting soaked by the rain. Why is this scene on the number one position? It’s funny yet sweet. It’s silly yet touchy. It’s heartwarming yet fluttering. Well, it might be just me, but I feel the moment when Kyung Joon grabs Da Ran’s hand on the umbrella is getting me so. That’s the kind of moment when I feel that rain is indeed a magical thing, no need to explain more. More about “Big” review? You can read it here.


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