7 Most Captivating Korean Songs of Rain

Jo In Sung and Son Ye Jin in the movie "The Classic" (2003) - source: c.hancinema.net

It’s November rain! It’s the season of rain and my feeling is kind of bittersweet right now. Sweet, because I can enjoy the rain, which is one of the things that I love the most. Bitter, because I’ve been soaked in the rain for days and therefore I catch a flu right now. In order to pump up my mood, I recently listen to songs that are related to rain. And here, I will share my list of seven most captivating Korean songs of rain. All of these seven songs have the word “rain” in its title, and it sings about rain too. This list is purely based on my personal preferences. I recommend these songs to be listened to, and I hope all of you can enjoy listening to these songs as much as I do. Cheers and happy rainy days! ^^

7. Lee Moon Sae – In the Rain (빗속에서) (1985)

A classic hit by one of Korean legendary singers, Lee Moon Sae, titled “In the Rain (빗속에서)”, opens up this list on number seven. The pop-folk ballad song was first released in 1985 as the title song of Lee’s third studio album. The album was sold more than 1.5 million copies, which was a great achievement at that time, that made Lee was reckoned as a prominent ballad singer of the nation. “In the Rain (빗속에서)” is a kind of song that reminds us once and ever again that rain has its own magical power to hypnotize everyone. It tells about someone who reminisces his/her past lover while walking down the street on a rainy day. “In the raining street I think of you. The love that wasn’t meant to be, I think of it deep in my heart. I walk in the rain all day long and think of you. Did you have to leave my heart in the rain just like this?” As the body is getting drenched in raindrops, the heart is getting drenched in memories. This sad melancholic song depicts a painful memory of a farewell under the rainfall. “Who will wipe away my tears, these burning tears of mine? Of all the people that passing by, who will stand by my side?” You can read more review about this song in here.

6. B.A.P – Rain Sound (빗소리) (2013)

Next on the list, I have a track by the best absolute perfect boy group, B.A.P, titled “Rain Sound (빗소리)” on number six. The song was released on January 15th 2013, as a prologue single for their second mini album, titled “One Shot”, which was released on February 12th 2013. This song is a hip-hop R n’ B, with the fusion of acoustic and ballad, making it the first sentimental and melancholic song that B.A.P has ever released since their debut back in 2012. “Rain Sound (빗소리)” tells about someone who recalls his/her memories with his/her past lover during the rainfall in the middle of a sleepless night. “On this rainy night, I can’t fall asleep. This sound of the rain, is it your voice? Does this sound call to me? Am I the only one that thinking of you? Will this rain comfort me? Do you know how I feel? I keep thinking of you.” Perhaps rain is a magical time machine indeed. Whenever it rains, some deepest memories are falling down like the raindrops, they’re flooding out like the water. “Outside the window, the sound of the rain rings, I remember the memories of us. On rainy days like this, now I miss you and our kisses. Outside the window, the sound of the rain rings, I remember the memories of us. On rainy days like this, now I always run into you.” You can read more review about this song in here.

5. Beast – On Rainy Days (비가 오는 날엔) (2011)

Up on number five, here I have a hit from another Korean infamous boy group, Beast (also known as B2ST), titled “On Rainy Days (비가 오는 날엔)”. The song was released digitally on May 12th 2011 as a promotional single for their first studio album, “Fiction and Fact”. The album itself was later released on May 17th 2011. This ballad R n’ B song with a touch of soft hip-hop is written and composed by Choi Gyu Seong. “On Rainy Days (비가 오는 날엔)” tells about someone who’s haunted by his/her past memories with his/her beloved one whenever the rain falls. The rain has the power to bring someone into a certain memory in the past. It could trap them and they can’t get out of it. “When the world turns dark and the rain quietly falls, everything is still the same. Even today, without a doubt I can’t get out of it. I can’t get out from the thoughts of you.” Those haunting memories are coming along with the rain. However they’re disappeared along with the passing rain too. “On the rainy days you come and find me, torturing me through the night. When the rain starts to stop, you follow slowly, little by little, you will stop as well.” But the cycle keeps on going. And the rain keeps on coming. “Now I erase all of you. I empty out all of you. But when the rain falls again, all the memories of you that I hide with struggle, it all comes back, it must be searching for you.” You can read more review about this song in here.

4. Yoo Yeol – Autumn Rain (가을비) (1987)

One of Korean legendary singers, Yoo Yeol, is on number four with a song that’s been recognized as his megahit, “Autumn Rain (가을비)”. The ballad semi folk pop song was first released on June 25th 1987 as a part of Yoo’s first album, “1987”. The lyrics of this song were penned by the legendary Korean lyricist, the late Park Geon Ho, while the music was composed by Yoo Yeong Seok. “Autumn Rain (가을비)” is a song about someone who can’t help but being immersed in memories of a past lover on a rainy autumn day. “It’s raining now, it’s pouring down against the window. You who have left me, I wonder where you are and what you are doing, the person whom I long for. It was on a rainy autumn day, when you left me with tears in your eyes. I just watched your back as you were leaving, and decided to let you go instead of holding you back.” The worst part of a farewell is the emptiness that it left behind. The hardest part of a separation is the lingering memories that keeps haunting. Even after a long time has passed by, that feeling comes suddenly all over again everytime it rains. “A long time had gone by after that, and I still can’t get you out of my mind. Whenever I watch the raindrop falls, I’m crying once more. A long time had gone by after that, and I still can’t get you out of my mind. Whenever I watch the raindrop falls, I’m reminiscing those past days. A long time had gone by after that, I still can’t let go of our love. My wandering heart remembers the sound of your breath, I’m reminiscing those past days.” You can read more review about this song in here.

3. Lee Joon Gi – The Rain (Separation, You Win) (이별아...니가 이겼어) (2012)

For the opening of big three, I have a gorgeous Korean actor and singer, Lee Joon Gi (also known as Lee Jun Ki), with his song titled “The Rain (Separation, You Win) (이별아...니가 이겼어)”. “The Rain” is used as its English title, while “Separation, You Win (이별아...니가 이겼어)” is used as the Korean title. The song was released as a part of Lee’s comeback mini album after finishing his military duty, “Deucer”, on April 25th 2012. Before that, the limited edition of this album was released on March 16th 2012 and had been heavily promoted in Japan, a country with a large number of Lee’s fanbase. “The Rain” is a song about separation that happens when the rain falls. “Hidden by the raindrops, you probably couldn’t see my tears. So that your memory could only remember my wet and smiling face, I have to keep smiling until you turn your back away from me. I wonder if this pouring rain would wash away the time we’ve shared together.” That cold separation remains in our mind forever, because that separation has finally won over our loves, our loves that we even keep fighting for until the very last time.Relationship was a battlefield between love and loathe, between stay together and to be separated. On that rainy day, so sad but true, the separation was finally winning. “’I love you,’ three words that I can’t say anymore from now on. ‘I need you,’ three words that I need no more, but will haunt in my painful memories. There’s no other in this world who could love you like I did, but my love had grown cold and silent. Separation, you have won over me. I’m standing in the rain.” You can read more review about this song in here.

2. CNBLUE – Love Follows the Rain (사랑은 비를 타고) (2011)

Up on the runner up position of this list, here I have the infamous Korean band, CNBLUE, with their song titled “Love Follows the Rain (사랑은 비를 타고)” (also known as “Love in the Rain”). This pop-rock ballad song was released as a part of their first studio album, “First Step”, on March 21st 2011. Unlike many of CNBLUE’s hits, this song is mostly sung by the second main vocal of the band, Lee Jong Hyun, who also wrote the lyrics and arranged the music along with composer Han Seong Ho and Han Seung Hun. “Love Follows the Rain (사랑은 비를 타고)” is a song about love, memories, rain, and everything in between. “Look at the raindrop falling down the window, I think of you whom I’ve hidden away. With these tears falling down in my heart, I try to erase you away. You hear this sound, right? You, who used to love the rain, do you still remember me? When it rains, I yearn for you.” Every time it rains, the memories of our past love falling down as the raindrops fall. As the rain pouring down, our heart and tears reminisce those times that we spent with them. It makes us wonder, do they still remember us, just like we remember them now? Do they watch the rain too, and feel the same like we feel right now? Do they hear the sound of the raindrops too, and think about the same thing that we do now? “Hope you’re happy anywhere you are, hope you’re smiling anywhere you are. Hope that you’ll never get through a sad love that resembles the rain. Just don’t forget this, that I want to love you. Following the rain, this feeling will fall next to you. Love falls down with the rain, memories flow with the rain. I think of you again with the sound of the rain. Tears fall down with the rain, my remembrance flows with the rain. Following the rain, you leave after damping my hardened heart.” The rain could bring up a blue feeling, and so our love now, it’s sad blue, resembling the rain. In the end, wherever they are, we could only hope that they do well and happy. Through the rain, we send our wishes to them. Our loves will forever follow the rain. You can read more review about this song in here.

1. Kim Hyun Sik – Like Rain, Like Music (비처럼 음악처럼) (1986)

And now we finally reach the number one position. At the top of this list I have a Korean classic hit titled “Like Rain, Like Music (비처럼 음악처럼)” by a legendary Korean singer, the late Kim Hyun Sik. This immortal song was first released on December 5th 1986 as a part of Kim’s third studio album, “III”. The album was listed at number 13 on South Korea’s All Time 100 Greatest Albums. Just like the rain and the music within, this rock ballad song somehow has a magical force that could draw people in it. Indeed, rain has its own magical power. An endless charm that could brings up memories within. A painful yet beautiful sense of lingering feeling that could make people reminiscing the past. “When the rain falls and the music flows, I think of you. The night that you left, it was raining like today.” It’s a song about memories; a deep memory of someone who left when it was raining; a memory that keeps coming back alive whenever it’s raining. It’s too painful yet beautiful to be forgotten. “Again, I stand in the rain today and let the day passes by. Our love story is like a music with beautiful melody that comes with pain, just like the rain.” I love this song so much. Somehow, listening to this song could bring a kind of solemn feeling inside my heart. If my all time favorite Western song is Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain”, then my all time favorite Korean song is Kim Hyun Sik’s “Like Rain, Like Music (비처럼 음악처럼)”. You can read more review about this song in here.


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  1. My favorite is 유리창엔 비 , although oddly enough I don't like the original artist. I have heard others do a wonderful job on this song.