8 Most Breathtaking Female Singers of "Immortal Songs 2"

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The stage of KBS "Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend", it's where any-amazing-thing happens - source: www.youtube.com

Been watching and observing a South Korea’s music program called “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend” for about half a year, I’ve found so many talented singers through it. With their amazing performances, they successfully catched audiences’ heart. And then I found my own favorites from all performers. This time I would like to share my list of eight most breathtaking female singers that I’ve ever seen on “Immortal Songs 2”. Some performances they did even made the audiences (and me) shed tears. While some others made the audiences (and me) left in awe and speechless.

8. Kang Min Kyung
The youngest member of female vocal duo Davichi, Kang Min Kyung, has joined “Immortal Songs 2” as a solo since episode 18 when she sang Kim Kook Hwan’s “Ta Ta Ta” (the further review is here). Since then she regularly appeared on the show, whether as a solo or with Davichi, and sometimes even won the trophy. She was the winner of the first “Battle of the Kings” special episode on 2011, but unfortunately failed to mantain her throne as the male vocal group, Sweet Sorrow, won the “2012 Battle of the Kings”. Hence, her performance is always being anticipated in this show. My favorite of hers is when she sang the late Seo Ji Won’s “With All My Tears” (which I’ve been reviewed in here) on episode 122.

7. Sonya
From a few singers who win the trophy on their very first appearance in “Immortal Songs 2”, Sonya is one of them. This stage musical actress brought home the final trophy of Song Chang Sik special on episode 35 with her rendition of “Sanga’s Song” . Sonya, whose born name is Kim Seon Hee, was crowned as the queen of emotion because almost of her every performance was heart-wrenching and eyes-weeping. And yes, her voice is undoubtedly amazing! Recently, she won the final trophy of Lee Mi Ja special with her beautiful performance of “Wild Goose Father”. To note my favorite performances of her are Sunflower’s “With Love” (the review is here), Song Chang Sik’s “Sanga’s Song”, Patti Kim’s “Vow to Love”, Yang Hee Eun's "Hangyeryeong", and Lee Mi Ja’s “Wild Goose Father”.

6. Cha Ji Yeon
A stage musical actress, Cha Ji Yeon, had been well known with her unique and witty personality since she was first appearing in “Immortal Songs 2”. I still remember very clearly that she shocked everyone by her bare-feet performance on her very first stage on episode 59 when she sang Travel Sketch’s “The Star is Fading”. She’s a chameleon-like singer who transformed through her every performance. She’s not afraid to cross genres and try many new things on stage. Yet she did all the experiments with sincerity and earnestness. All of her stages were no kidding! The most shocking performance was her take-over of Song Dae Kwan’s “Four Beats”. This was also acknowledged by her fellow singers in “Immortal Songs 2” such as Jung Dong Ha and Sweet Sorrow. She’s not been appearing in this show for a quite long while, but I hope she could make her time to return soon. I’m anticipating!

5. Ailee
Lee Ye Jin, widely known with her stage name as Ailee, appeared for the first time in “Immortal Songs 2” episode 43 and 44 when Patti Kim was the legend and she sang on of her masterpieces, “Light and Shadow”. She’s known as a ‘scary’ rookie singer who came like a comet and stroke like a hurricane since then, and has won some trophies, such as in episode JYP special, Yoon Il Sang special, Pearl Sisters special, and lately in the late Kim Kwang Seok special. She has proven that she’s not only great at singing ballad and hitting the high notes, but also great at performing dance while singing. Not only the audiences, she also conquers the legends’ heart. My favorite of hers is when she performed Shin Seung Hun’s “You Reflected in a Smile” (read my review here). She cried at the end of the performance because she was so into it and it was a hard time for her because of the scandal. I also love her winning performance on Kim Kwang Seok special episode, when she sang “It’s Not Love If It Hurts Too Much” (here is the review).

4. Youme
Been spending many years as an unknown singer, Youme had been able to take on the stage again through “Immortal Songs 2” when she appeared on episode 82 and 83. It was Uhm Jung Hwa special and she sang one of her biggest hits, “Rose of Betrayal”. She made a huge impact after her breathtaking performance and has been crowned as the queen of high notes for her capability to literally hit the high notes. I have two favorites of her performances. First, when she sang Sul Woon Do’s “The Lost 30 Years” on episode 107 (voila, the review is already here). Second is on episode 114, when she sang Im Hee Sook’s “The Yoke of Love” (can read the further review in here). I’ve fallen in love with Youme’s voice. Moreover, I fall in love with her willingness to not give up her dream as a singer after all of those hard times she’s been through.

3. Lee Hae Ri
Whether as a solo or as a duo, Davichi is strong. The leader of Davichi, Lee Hae Ri, once was the record holder for the highest point scored by female singer, when her rendition of Park Sang Min’s “Sunflower (For Her)” gave her 435 points. That heart-wrenching performance also made her the winner of Park Sang Min special. Although recently her record was broken by Gummy with 445 points, Lee Hae Ri is still the “Immortal Songs 2” goddess and the queen of tears. Not only sad ballads, she had proven that she could do justice to dance and exciting songs too. There’s no need to say more about her amazing vocal. To note my favorite of her performances, besides “Sunflower (For Her)” (further review is here), there’s also Shin Seung Hun’s “You’re Just in a Higher Place” (which you can find the review in here).

2. Ali
If there’s a madam who rules the “Immortal Songs 2”, then there’s no one but Ali. Been taking home total seven trophies from this show, up until now she holds the unbreakable record for singer with the most winning trophy. Ali, whose born name is Jo Young Jin, has been one of the most audiences’ beloved female singer in “Immortal Songs 2”. She won all total seven episodes of Kim Hee Gap & Yang In Ja special, Kim Hyung Suk special, Hyeeuni special, “Super Match of Unfortunate Classics” special, Park Chun Seok special, Yoon Hang Ki & Yoon Bok Hee special, and Insooni special. Plus, she was a big help for Jung Dong Ha in winning the “Winter Special with Friends” episode with their mesmerizing duet rendition of Lee Moon Sae’s “Gwanghwamun Love Song” (find the further review here). Her husky voice is just my style! No matter what song she sings, I always love it. My favorites are Deulgukhwa’s “Don’t Worry, Dear” (here is the review), Patti Kim’s “Thorn Bird”, and Yim Jae Bum’s “I Could Love You Again” (the review is here). Even though she hasn’t won for a quite long while, I always excited when she appears in the show. Winning isn’t that important in comparison to a great performance she always does in every of hers.

1. Bada
The word ‘breathtaking’ is the most suited with this singer. Choi Sung Hee, better known as her stage name Bada, was the leader of first generation girl group, S.E.S. Now she’s going solo and has been on many stage musical performances. Experiences, depth, confidence, stamina, control, power, she has it all! First appeared on episode 97 of “Immortal Songs 2”, at that time her true character had not been showed up. Her turning point was on episode 103, when she performed Lee Seung Chul’s “Girls’ Generation”, and even won the trophy with her passionate performance. Incredibly, she mantained her winning roll after that performance, and to date had won Jo Deok Bae special, Yoo Ho special, and Jeon Young Rok special. Plus, in almost episode she was in, she won at least one round with high point. Sometimes sweet and dreamy, sometimes hot and powerful, and no matter what she does, she will tear up the stage and flip the audiences. From a fairy to a diva, Bada has set the bar high for all girl groups nowadays about how they should be 15 years later after debut. Actually it’s very hard to choose my favorites among all her performances so far, but here they are: Lee Seung Chul’s “Girls’ Generation”, Jo Deok Bae’s “My Old Story”, Park Nam Jung’s “Unsuccessful Love” (tadah! Here is the review), COOL’s “Sorrow” (please read the further review in here), Jeon Young Rok’s “Sparks”, and Lee Eun Ha’s “The Image of You Letting Me Leave with a Smile” (enjoy the further review in here). Truthfully, I love every performance of her, and this is why she’s the number one of the eight most breathtaking female singers of “Immortal Songs 2”.

They Who (Sadly) Missed the List

If it’s “Immortal Songs 2” then actually you can’t leave Hyorin. The leader and main vocalist of Sistar was the first winner of the very first “Immortal Songs 2” episode with her beautiful rendition of Shim Soo Bong’s “The Person From Back Then” (the review can be found in here). Why she didn’t make it to the list? Because she rarely made an appearance in the show, so I couldn’t see her transformation or experiment to try different genres rather than her usual dance pop R n’ B performance. She did great with all those performance she ever had, but they’re just not that breathtaking.

A singer who strikes like a hurricane in her first performance ever on “Immortal Songs 2”, it’s Park Ji Yeon, who’s well known as Gummy. It was on episode 139 when Joo Hyun Mi appeared as the legend. Gummy’s rendition of her hits, “You Are Just A Memory Now”, made her got 445 points, broke the record of highest point, as well as won the trophy, just in her first appearance on “Immortal Songs 2”. Why she didn’t make it to the list? It’s simply because she only appeared twice up to this date. Hopefully she would make frequent appearances more in the future, because those two performance were breathtaking, so I’ll look forward to that.

And many more female singers of “Immortal Songs 2” that I don’t mention.


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