Because of Love

Yesterday, I hated myself for keep holding onto you, but now I realize we were meant for each other.” –Yoo Jae Ha, Because I Love You [translated lyrics]

Cover album "Because I Love You" oleh Yoo Jae Ha - source:

Episode 110 program acara musik “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend” merupakan salah satu episode yang istimewa. Mengapa? Karena penyanyi yang menjadi legenda dalam episode tersebut adalah almarhum Yoo Jae Ha. The late Yoo Jae Ha was a singer-songwriter that had turned the Korea’s music industry upside down because of his arrangements. Yoo Jae Ha pioneered the orchestral arrangements for popular songs. Sadly, he was departed at a young age (not even reach 30) because of a car accident. Ia telah menciptakan banyak lagu untuk penyanyi-penyanyi lain, namun hanya meninggalkan satu album saja yang mana ia menciptakan sendiri seluruh lagu di dalamnya. The title song of his one and only album is called “Because I Love You”, and it was sung by Moon Myung Jin on 110th episode of “Immortal Songs 2”.
“Because I Love You” is a song about Yoo Jae Ha’s innocent love from his younger days. There was a time when he broke up with his girlfriend. But even on that time, he already knew that she’s the one for him and he didn’t want anyone else. He kept holding onto her even though she left away. And though he hated himself for being so pathetic, at least he wouldn’t have any regret for keep fighting for his love. Then he promised to himself that he would do and give everything to that girl if she came back for him, and that he would follow her anywhere. It’s all because of love. Love is not letting go, it’s protecting, and fighting for.

Moon Myung Jin ketika membawakan lagu "Because I Love You" pada program "Immortal Songs 2" Episode 110

The sad songs specialist, Moon Myung Jin, was chosen as the first performer from the random pick on that episode. Episode 110 tersebut mengudara pada tanggal 20 Juli 2013 di stasiun televisi KBS, serta pada tanggal 10 Agustus 2013 di channel KBS World. Tampil sebagai penampil pertama, Moon Myung Jin jauh dari kata mengecewakan. A great song meets a great singer, that’s what I can conclude from Moon Myung Jin’s R n’ B rendition of “Because I Love You”. He stayed true to the string arrangements of the song, which is the main essence of every Yoo Jae Ha’s pieces of art. “Because I Love You” is the most famous and loved song from the album. Penampilan Moon Myung Jin berhasil meluluhlantakkan hati para pendengar. And yes, it was a very deep, soulful, and touching performance as ever Moon Myung Jin’s.

If you ever return to me, I would give you all that I have. Then we would be together forever and never be apart, because you’re the only one that I love.” –Yoo Jae Ha, Because I Love You [translated lyrics]

“Cheoeum neukkin geudae nunbiteun honjamanui ohae yeotdeongayo
(What I felt through your gaze, was I just deluding myself?)
Haemakeun misolo nalreul babolro mandeulreotso
(With your dazzling smile, you render me mute)
Nae gyeoteul tteonagadeonnal gaseume pumeotdeon bunhongbitui
(Since the day you left me, our countless pink-colored memories in my heart)
Sumaneun chueokdeulri pulreuge balraejyeotso
(I kept those memories until it turned blue)

Eojeneun tteonan geudaelreul idji mothaneun naega miwotjyo
(Yesterday, I hated myself for keep holding onto you)
Hajiman ijen kkaedalayo geudaemanui nayeoteumeul
(But now I realize we were meant for each other)

Dasi dolraon geudael wihae nae modeungeot deurilkeyo
(If you ever return to me, I would give you all that I have)
Ulri idaelro yeongwonhi heeojiji aneuli
(Then we would be together forever and never be apart)
Naojik geu dae maneul saranghagi ttaemune
(Because you’re the only one that I love)

Keodalan geudaelreul hyanghae jakajeoman ganeun naigie
(To your ever-growing shadow, I even submit myself)
Geu museun tteutila haedo joyonghi ttaleulio
(Whatever the intent may be, I’ll silently go by your will)”


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  1. saat pertama kali ku dengar, lagu ini sungguh menyayat hati, walau tidak tau artinya tapi menurutku lagu ini punya sebuah sihir. Perpaduan antara musik dan vocal yang harmonis membuat ku merasa berada didalam kisah lagu ini :)

  2. Hari ini pertama kali sy denger lagu ini, entahlah lagu ini membuat sy nyaman. Jantuh cinta langsung sma lagu ini.. :)