Not Just Sadness

It’s not just sadness that we face throughout life. It’s our own fault that we go through darkness. If I could live alone, that’s because of the memories that we know we love each other as we say our farewells.” –Sunflower, Not Just Sadness [translated lyrics]

Program acara musik “Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend” menghadirkan Lee Joo Ho sebagai legenda dalam episode 95 dan 96. Lee Joo Ho adalah penyanyi, musisi, sekaligus pencipta lagu yang menjadi pionir musik folk di dunia musik Korea Selatan bersama grup yang dibentuknya, Sunflower. Lagu-lagu hits Sunflower –yang dalam Bahasa Korea disebut “Haebaragi”– dilahirkan kembali dalam “Immortal Songs 2”. Hadir sebagai salah satu penampil dalam episode 95 adalah Moon Myung Jin, the R n’ B hidden master. Ia tampil membawakan lagu hits Sunflower yang bertajuk “Not Just Sadness”. Episode tersebut mengudara pada tanggal 6 April 2013 di stasiun televisi KBS, serta pada tanggal 27 April 2013 di channel KBS World. Menariknya, penampilan tersebut merupakan pertama kalinya Moon Myung Jin tampil dalam “Immortal Songs 2”. Tidak hanya itu, penampilan itu adalah penampilan pertama Moon Myung Jin setelah sepuluh tahun lamanya absen dari panggung musik dan televisi. Marking his very first television and music stage appearance after the long ten years of hiatus, Moon Myung Jin made his breath-taking comeback.
“Not Just Sadness” is a song about life. The lyrics say it all. That life is not just about sadness, nor always about happiness either. That we live this life while we reap what we sow. Whether it’s good or bad things, it would come around. And there’s nothing that lasts forever. Even during our darkest night, we must remember that the moon and stars are always shining up there. They say that we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. So, we must be grateful and appreciate what we have right now. We must love to the fullest everything that we have right now, since it’s in front of us. Because when it’s gone as the time passes by, there won’t be any regrets. We couldn’t avoid sadness that comes along when we lose it, but at least we won’t have any regrets. So that despite of anything that left us, we could continue on living because of the precious memories that we’ve made. Because the love was real, that it gives us strength to move on.

Moon Myung Jin ketika membawakan lagu "Not Just Sadness" pada program "Immortal Songs 2" Episode 95

Dirilis pertama kali pada tahun 1989, “Not Just Sadness” merupakan bagian dari album keempat Sunflower. It’s a very special song for Lee Joo Ho, as he stated, “When that song comes on, listen to the lyrics. I hope you’ll realize why I’m reminded of that song.” And indeed, this song is one of a kind. It’s a song that eases sadness and speaks of love. Before his performance, Moon Myung Jin said why he chooses this song, “When I first heard this song, I realized this was the song for me. I think this song really went well with my emotions. From here on I’m hoping I’ll get more opportunities to perform on these shows.” His desperate hope to sing on the stage gave a deep meaning to this song. And so, Moon Myung Jin with his new R n’ B rendition of “Not Just Sadness” became a sensation. From then on, he made his way to shine. Yes, there will always be a way. It’s not just sadness that we face throughout life.

When I gaze at the moon, when I gaze at the stars, I’m reminded of this in my darkest hours. Our every thing that we love could be in front of us. There will be sadness when the past is forgotten.” –Sunflower, Not Just Sadness [translated lyrics]

“Seulpeummaneun anigetjyo uri saragada
(It’s not just sadness that we face throughout life)
Eoduul su itneungeon jasin ttaemunigetjyo
(It’s our own fault that we go through darkness)
Honja saragal su itdamyeon ibyeoldwie tteooreuneun
(If I could live alone that’s because of the memories)
Maneun chueokeul saranghagi ttaemunigetjyo
(That we know we love each other as we say our farewells)

Bamhaneul dareul bomyeo bamhaneun byeolreul bomyeo
(When I gaze at the moon, when I gaze at the stars)
Gipeun eodume jeodjeo deulttaemun tteoolreuneun
(I’m reminded of this in my darkest hours)
Saranghal su itseotdeon uriape geu modeungeot
(Our every thing that we love could be in front of us)
Idjeobeorinchae sewolri gamyeon seulpeumigetjyo.
(There will be sadness when the past is forgotten)
La la la la laaa~ idjeobeorinche sewolri gamyeon seulpeumigetjyo
(La la la la laaa~ there will be sadness when the past is forgotten)”


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