My love just can’t seem to reach you. Just as much as the amount of tears that have flowed, it’s still far away to go. I have to forget you, but I miss you so much. Even if you never know how much it hurts, I will forget.” –SM The Ballad, Miss You [translated lyrics]

Agensi terkemuka di Korea Selatan, SM Entertainment, meluncurkan sebuah ballad project group yang diberi nama SM The Ballad. Grup ini terdiri dari empat orang vokalis pilihan SM Entertainment. Mereka adalah Jay (vokalis grup band TRAX), Kyuhyun (vokalis boy group Super Junior), Jonghyung (vokalis boy group SHINee), dan Jino (trainee SM Entertainment). Debut mini album mereka dirilis pada tanggal 29 November 2010, bertajuk “SM The Ballad Volume 1: Miss You”. Pada tanggal yang sama, title song “Miss You” sekaligus music video (MV) dari lagu tersebut diunggah ke akun situs Youtube resmi milik SM Entertainment. MV dari lagu ini menampilkan aktris Lee Yeon Hee dan aktor Joo Won sebagai modelnya.
“It hurts since I can’t forget that here is not the place where you’re supposed to be.” This song tells about the saddest part of parting. It hurts to know that the person we love is not belong here with us. And what hurt the most is that we know that we have to let them go, whether sooner or later. No matter how hard we try, or how many tears we have shed, we couldn’t reach them. We couldn’t have their hearts. We couldn’t keep them to stay here beside us. All that we can do is just smiling to hide all those pains. We keep smiling outside like a fool, but we shatter beneath. And although we’ve already now that waiting is just a wasted of strength and time, we keep doing it. We can’t seem to move on. We can’t forget, we can’t erase. Those things are just so difficult to do now. We understand so well that we have to forget, that we got to let go, but all we do is keep missing them all over again. Even if it hurts so much like dying, even if we know that they’ll never come back, even if they’ll never know how much we’ve been hurt, we choose to live this way. In the end, even if we know that as time passes by the pain will fades and we might forget, but for now we choose to live in that memory.

Sebagai promotional single, lagu “Miss You” dibawakan oleh SM The Ballad dalam debut stage mereka di berbagai program acara musik televisi, yang dimulai dengan SBS Inkigayo pada tanggal 28 November 2010. Penjualan album debut SM The Ballad dapat dibilang fantastis untuk sebuah grup sekunder yang baru debut pada waktu itu. Album ini merajai berbagai real time charts dan weekly album sales chart di Korea Selatan. “Miss You” adalah lagu ballad bertempo slow yang mengisahkan tentang rasa sakit dari perpisahan. Adalah pilihan yang sangat bijaksana untuk meramu formasi SM The Ballad dengan Jay, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, dan Jino sebagai anggotanya, because their voices blend very great in this beautiful song. Vokal mereka berempat berpadu sempurna dengan melodi lagu ini, menghasilkan lagu indah yang menyayat hati. Indeed, SM Entertainment has some great vocalists, but they choose so well for the formation of SM The Ballad. It fits wonderfully, which makes the song is beautifully sung.

My heart just doesn’t seem to reach you. Tears keep rolling down like crazy. I think I can’t do it. I just can’t forget. Even if I feel like dying, I can’t let go of your love. I’ll live this way.” –SM The Ballad, Miss You [translated lyrics]

* Ditulis sambil mendengarkan lagu “Miss You” oleh SM The Ballad. Lirik lagu berupa romanisasi dari huruf Hangul Korea, beserta dengan translasinya ke dalam Bahasa Inggris.

“Geureuritji mothaeso apahanayo eudaega isseul jariga yogin aningayo
(It hurts since I can’t forget that here is not the place where you’re supposed to be)
Nareul wihan goramyon chameul piryon opjyo onjengan kkeutnaboril teni
(You don’t have to hold back for me, it all will end someday too anyway)

Nae sarangi jejariro oji mothago heulin nunmul mankeum molli ganeyo
(My love just can’t seem to reach you, just as much as the amount of tears that have flowed, it’s still far away to go)
Naneun ijoya hajyo geudae neomu geuriwo nareul apeuge haljineun mollado ijoyo
(I have to forget you, but I miss you so much, even if you never know how much it hurts, I will forget)

Babo gateun naran gol geudaen anayo gaseumi jjijojineunde useumman naojyo
(You know that I’m a fool, my heart’s been ripped apart, but I can only smile)
Onjekkajirado nan gidaryo nae nunmul gamchumyo naega doraogin haneun gongayo
(I’ll still be waiting for you forever as I keep hiding my tears, would you come back to me?)

Ijoya haneun gon jiwoya haneun gon
(To forget you, even to erase you)
Naegen nomuna oryoun irijyo
(For me they’re very difficult things to do)

Nae maeumi jejariro ojiranayo (ojiranayo)
(My heart just doesn’t seem to reach you (can’t reach you))
Michin deusi gyesok nunmulman najyo
(Tears keep rolling down like crazy)
Naneun andwena bwayo (andwena bwayo)
(I think I can’t do it (can’t do it))
Geudael itneundaneun gon (itneundaneun gon)
(I just can’t forget you (can’t forget))
Geunyang jukgo sipodo
(Even if I feel like dying)
Geudaeye sarang noheul su opso
(I can’t let go of your love)
Na salgo itjyo
(I’ll live this way)”


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